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4 Porta Potty Etiquette Tips for Spring Flings


Spring is slowly showing its face in Texas and it will soon be time for family reunions, music festivals, and other outdoor events that require portable restrooms. Unfortunately, at some of these events, many people forget that the porta potty is a shared experience in a crowd and that certain etiquette measures should apply.

The next time you are at an outing where porta-potties are in use, make sure to keep these four etiquette tips in mind that will make you a friendly neighbor.

1. Nobody Likes a Line Jumper

Regardless of how bad you have the urge to use the restroom, always respect the wait. Especially at popular outdoor events, there is bound to be a line for the porta potty. Don’t be the guy who makes your way to the front uninvited.

As we learned in pre-school, cutting in line is bad. Treat your fellow guests with respect and wait your turn.

2. Don’t Rest in These Restrooms

One of the biggest jokes about people using any restroom is that they are just using their phone on the toilet or using the bathroom as an excuse to escape the crowds. At events where porta-potties are in use, they are typically there because there will be an influx of people wanting to use the restroom. Help avoid overcrowding or line-jumping by doing your business and promptly leaving the vicinity.

If you need to take a call, get away from the hustle and bustle, or just want to text in peace, there are bound to be plenty of areas where you can do so at your event. Leave the portable restrooms to the people that absolutely need to use them.

3. Don’t Play Around Near Portable Restrooms

Horseplay is something that is very common at any outdoor venue. While it may sound funny to play a practical joke on a person using a portable restroom, it can actually be quite dangerous. Tipping a lavatory can lead to exposure to waste materials and the contamination of the actual unit. The damage that comes with playing around with a porta potty can actually be irreparable and cost the renter quite a bit of money.

4. Leave It Cleaner Than You Found It

We get it, going to a portable restroom or even a public restroom, in general, is nothing like using the bathroom in your home. With that said, do your part to keep the restroom clean and presentable for the next person to use it. You can do this by:

  • Leaving the toilet paper where it belongs
  • Wiping down the seating area after use
  • Not throwing trash into the toilet

Rent a Portable Restroom That Makes Your Event Special with Texas John’s

Keeping up with portable restroom etiquette is much easier when you order your rentals through a trusted company that takes care of their product. At Texas Johns, we ensure that each porta potty is properly cleaned, installed and stocked up with necessities prior to each client’s use.

If your spring event requires some extra restroom space, make the right choice and contact Texas Johns. Our team is ready to make your guests comfortable.



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