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Portable Toilets And The Emphasis Of ADA Compliance

Disabled accessibility is a right that Texas government has made a big push for in recent years. With the success of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), many Gainesville buildings and public locations have become compliant with the act, and have made the customer experience accessible to all.

While most people may not even think about this issue, handicap accessibility is extremely important for those in need of portable toilets at a public event. Texas Johns is proud to be an ADA ally and offers handicap portable toilet units to our customers in Gainesville and other Cooke County cities.

Here are a few of the reasons why we believe portable toilet accessibility is so important and how these specific units in your area can make a difference in how the public views your business.

Accessibility is Essential to Any Event

Texas mandates state that public areas should make proper accommodations for disabled and mobility-impaired individuals. The last thing you need is to look inhospitable, so, when you are planning a large event, ensure that your portable toilets are available for use to all guests on site.

Handicap portable toilets aren’t just for people with disabilities. These toilets may start off as a way to be prepared for your guests, but can also serve as a  great way to mitigate guest overflow or serve as a “family restroom” for parents with small children.

Handicap Portable Toilets Provide More Space

Although most people would feel that the standard porta potty is large enough, for those with disabilities, the physical areas of these units simply isn’t enough.

The team at Texas Johns is proud to announce that our wheelchair accessible porta potties have more than 16 square feet of interior space in each unit. This extra space can help accommodate anyone who needs the room to relieve themselves in comfort.

Focus on Customer Care

For businesses in the Gainesville area, customer care is the main focus of their success. By having portable toilets available to fit everyone’s needs, your business will quickly be known as a location that takes care of its customers.

Your restrooms are an event amenity and help bring the guest experience full-circle. The next time you need to rent portable restroom units, make sure to consider your complete customer experience in order to provide exceptional customer care.

Need ADA Compliant Portable Toilets in Gainesville? Texas Johns can Help!

If you’re hosting a public event, it’s up to you to ensure that everyone in attendance is comfortable and has a good time. Improve the guest experience by renting portable toilets that accommodate people with numerous needs. Texas Johns is proud to offer units that range from standard to comfort suite restroom trailers. Contact us today to learn more about our rental availability.



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