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How Texas Johns Breaks Porta-Potty Rental Stereotypes

Porta-potty rentals usually come with the dread of your unit living up to the awful stereotypes that plague our industry. Sadly, sometimes when renting from an unreliable company, the stereotypes are the truth.

However, at Texas Johns, we break all of the big myths behind portable restroom rentals. We believe in being transparent, so here’s how our rental company continuously proves stereotypes wrong.

A Porta-Potty From Texas Johns is a Class Act

Many people wrongfully believe that portable restrooms are meant purely for parks and limited events. While we do serve those sectors, we also have a reputation for providing luxury restroom trailers for weddings, family reunions, and office parties. No matter how classy your event is, your guests should always have a place to “go.” Let Texas Johns work with your coordinators to help you level up your porta-potty rental to meet your needs.

Our Units Are Always Clean

We love to give customers a comfortable experience when using one of our units. That’s why our porta potties are routinely cleaned, emptied, and inspected for damage and vandalism. We make it our goal to ensure that going to the restroom in a rental unit doesn’t have a stigma attached to the experience.

Indoor Restroom Amenities on the Go

Think portable restrooms don’t have proper flushing mechanics or handwashing availability? We invite you to think again! We are pleased to say a Texas Johns porta-potty can come equipped with the amenities that you’ve come to expect out of any restroom.

When you rent with Texas Johns, you gain the necessary amenities like:

Take Your Porta-Potty Beyond Construction Sites and Large Events

Equating the use of portable restrooms to only crowded events and construction sites is a false assumption. Portable restrooms are available and acceptable for use in any situation you may need.

The upcoming holidays are a perfect example of a need for portable restrooms. Some homes can’t accommodate everyone that’s moving in and out during family gatherings. Texas Johns can provide a solution to what could be a very frustrating problem.

Our Restrooms Aren’t an Eyesore

We admit it, sometimes portable restrooms aren’t the most attractive aspect of your event. However, with the help of our trained installation technicians, we can make sure your unit placement is perfect for your event. There’s no placing the restrooms near the food line with us! We will tuck your units just out of sight enough to be out of mind…unless nature decides to call.

Enjoy a Quality Portable Restroom Experience With Texas Johns

Don’t let the stereotypes behind portable restrooms hold you back from renting. Order a unit from Texas Johns, a business that guarantees the best! Contact us today to set up your portable restroom rentals for your latest needs.



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