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Tips for Using Porta-Potties at Cycling and Marathon Events

Cooler weather is rolling in and so many athletic Texans are preparing for the fall cycling, running and marathon events! It’s no surprise that porta-potties are popular rental options for such large-scale events.

Since there are so many people involved in a marathon, using the restroom isn’t as simple as it would be at a normal function. Trust us, the porta-potties will be an event hot spot, so check out these tips to follow that will keep the marathon experience a fun one for everyone!

Porta-Potties Aren’t Your Changing Room!

Before the big race, come prepared to start! Porta-potties are meant to be quick places for event guests to use the restroom. While you may use your restroom at home to change, taking the time to do so in a unit is inconsiderate and is an act of poor portable restroom etiquette.

If You See A Problem, Let Management Know

Sometimes the managers of an event don’t have the time to routinely check the status of a portable restroom on-site. So, if you notice that either the bowl is filling up fast, or you’ve run out of standard amenities, it’s always polite to keep organizers in the loop.

Don’t Be Messy! It’s Just Rude

Some people have kids who just don’t have the body control to completely “make it” into the tank. If you notice you or your child has left a mess on the seat or the floor, please, take the time to clean it up.

After all, marathons are community events and being a good neighbor can even extend to your porta-potty use.

Remember Where to Toss Waste

The blue liquid in a porta-potty tank is meant to reduce odors. Whatever doesn’t make it into the tank or lands on waste above the liquid fold will quickly waft a stench throughout the unit.

After you’ve completed your process, make sure your used papers make it into the blue liquid to mitigate the smells that can plague public restrooms.

First In? Avoid Blue Stains!

Some marathon participants like to relieve themselves before the big event starts. While this is a great idea, we suggest being careful if you are the first user of the day. Without any waste in the tank, the splashing of the famous blue toilet liquid can and will stain you or your clothing. To avoid this issue, throw some toilet paper into the tank to keep from turning blue.

Planning Your Own Event? Trust Texas Johns to Help!

Marathons and related events are usually hosted by former participants. If you find the desire to organize a marathon in your community, make sure all of your bases are covered. Keep your event comfortable and clean with the help of porta-potties from Texas Johns. Contact us today to find out about our unit availability in your area.




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