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Busting Open 3 Common Portable Restroom Myths

Sometimes people know that more restrooms for their event are a necessity, but fail to rent a portable restroom because they’ve either had bad experiences in the past or have fallen prey to the social stigma that surrounds them.

At Texas Johns, our business is portable restrooms, and we couldn’t confidently operate our business if the rumors surrounding porta potty rentals were true. Here are three of the biggest myths that hold renters back from creating a comfortable environment for their guests.

Portable Restrooms Are Always Cramped

One of the biggest misconceptions about portable bathrooms is that they are known to be dark, cramped spaces. Sure, there are units that are smaller and dark, but there are also options that offer space and light fixtures that provide the comfort that one needs when using the restroom.

The best part is that the units with extra space aren’t out of reach as far as price range goes. So, if you need more space, there’s a unit that will meet your needs.

Porta Potties Are A Cesspool for Disease

Fortunately, the days of porta potties living up to this myth are far behind the trustworthy renters in our industry. Some of the most popular portable restroom rentals now forgo the waste holding changer and feature flushing capabilities.

This makes for a cleaner, better smelling environment, and that’s just the beginning of how cleanliness has improved for these products. There are also options for people to wash their hands or sanitize with receptacles holding hand sanitizer. We even offer the option of renting a hand-washing station that can be used outside of your portable toilet area.

No one wants to use a dirty restroom, and quality should never be reduced by the permanence of a unit.

They Ruin the Environment

Did you know that portable restrooms use less water during maintenance than permanent fixtures? Portable restrooms are actually more eco-friendly than most people even know. Our industry has begun to take an interest in using non-toxic chemicals for cleaning, chlorine-free products, and units made from recycled materials.

Most importantly, portable toilets provide a place for people to relieve themselves when the only other option would have been outside in the natural environment. Our units safely contain the toxic waste until they are cleaned out and properly disposed of when necessary.

Break the Portable Restroom Stigma with Texas Johns

Don’t let the myths of portable restrooms keep you from adding a positive amenity to your next event. Let Texas Johns show you the bright side of portable restroom rentals. Contact us today to find out about our available units and how we can help make your event memorable.




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