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Comfort Station Restroom Trailers Spring Weddings

Its that time of year to start planning for your upcoming nuptials.  Texas Johns can help.  We have 2 stall comfort station restroom trailers with one mens and one women’s stall and 3 stall comfort station restroom trailers with two women’s and one mens available for your needs.  They come equipped with 50ft of electrical cord and 50ft of water hose.  The comfort station restroom trailers come equipped with air conditioning and heat depending on what mother nature brings.  Just give us a call and we would be happy to give you a free estimate.

We Service Dallas/ Fort Worth Area

We service almost all areas around Dallas/Fort Worth including Aubrey, Frisco, McKinney, Prosper, Celina, Little Elm, Lewisville, The Colony, Grapevine, Dallas and Fort Worth to name a few.  Our event coordinators can help you determine the quantity of “stalls” needed to support your needs.

When you are considering how many stalls you may need number of attendees is a big factor.  A 3 stall comfort station restroom trailer that is hooked up to “City Water” can provide you with approximately 350-450 flushes.  Keep in mind other factors can determine this as well.  How long will your event/wedding be?  Are food an alcohol being served?  Individual use can increase dramatically when alcohol comes into play.  If you are having an event that has high volume use you may consider a personal concierge as part of the rental to maintain restroom trailer cleanliness and flush capacity that may be needed.  Call Texas Johns and our special event coordinators will help you meet your needs.

White Elite Flushable Portable Restrooms

If a comfort station restroom trailer won’t fit at your venue or is out of your budget Texas Johns has another option for you.  White Elite Flushable portable restrooms for your event or wedding.  They are equipped with a flushing toilet similar to what you would find in a camper, a urinal and a foot pump sink inside, soap, paper towels, coat hangar and item rack.  They are different from our regular event units in that you will not be able to see the waste inside the tank of the toilet.  They are a great option.  Contact us today at 940-343-9229 and one of our special event coordinators will be happy to help you determine which option will meet your needs.

Happy Spring 2016

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