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How to Keep Your Porta Potties Comfortable in the Heat

Summer is officially in full swing and that means that the Dallas area is ready for some serious heat. With the weather comes the desire to host outdoor events; some that may require the use of portable restrooms

Excessive heat and portable restrooms can lead to some uncomfortable and unsanitary experiences if the right measures aren’t taken. Find out how to help your porta potty beat the heat wave this season!

Placement Matters

Improper placement is the main reason why porta potties can get so uncomfortable in the summer. Where you place your portable restroom can help you use airflow to mitigate the amount of heat that can be experienced inside the unit. 

Even though portable restrooms are built to withstand heat and reflect sunlight away, Dallas heat will quickly ramp up the temperature, creating summer odors that no guest should ever experience.

When deciding on toilet placement consider setting them up in a shaded area where natural breezes will keep your unit cool throughout the day.

Upgrade to a Trailer Option

If shade isn’t an option at your event, remember, there are other choice units that can keep your guests happy during a bathroom break. At Texas Johns, we offer upscale restroom trailers that come with all the amenities.

Ordering a portable luxury restroom may add a little more to your budget, but the comfort and coolness that they provide from the outdoor weather will be invaluable to your guests.

Add On Extra Servicing

Another way to keep your porta potties sanitary (especially for multi-day events) is to request extra servicing from the unit provider. This extra effort to keep your restrooms constantly clean will also help prevent your guests from exposure to dangerous viruses that tend to thrive in the heat like:

  • Norovirus
  • Hepatitis A
  • Salmonella
  • Influenza

Reduce odors and keep your site clean by calling out a technician to clean your unit outside of the standard schedule.

Invest in High-End Deodorizers

Sure, air fresheners are always a great place to start when making efforts to keep the body of your restrooms smelling fresh. But did you know that the tank in your portable restroom could also use some extra attention?

In the summer, standard deodorizers used in most porta potty units won’t make the cut. Odors will still leak through and make your guests’ experience an unpleasant one. There are several high-end deodorizers on the market that can help keep your tank fresh between servicing, and your unit provider can point you in the direction of one that will help for your specific portable restroom.

Experience Quality Unit Rental Services From Texas Johns

If you plan on hosting a large outdoor event this summer, don’t let your restroom options become a hot mess. Texas Johns has a portable restroom unit for you and all available maintenance to keep it fresh during your event. Contact us today to find out about our current unit availability.



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