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5 Ways to Give Your Porta Potty Rental a Facelift

Even though we offer comfort suite restroom trailers as rental options, we understand that some renters may want to jazz up their rental. While we can’t allow you to make any permanent adjustments like paint, there are several ways you can make your porta potty an elegant experience for your event!

The next time you want your guests to get excited about using the facilities, try out these five tips to give your porta potty a physical refresher.

Create A Purse Hanger in Your Porta Potty

Yes, it’s possible to hang things up in one of our units without creating any permanent damage. No one wants to leave their purse or coat on the floor of a porta-potty, so make use of adhesive hooks where people can hang their belongings. Once your rental is complete, these hooks can come right off and be put away in preparation for your next event.

Add Floral Arrangements

Not only can flowers spruce up the inside and outside of your portable restroom, but if you use an actual arrangement, they can create a welcoming aroma for the next person who uses the restroom.

This is a simple way to add the colors of your event (e.g. wedding, gender reveal) to what could be deemed as a monotonous utility at most functions.

Create a Functional Bathroom Kit

When a guest experiences an on the go emergency like wine stains or bad breath that won’t impress their date, make your portable restroom a welcome refuge. Give your guests some of the necessities that they may have forgotten about. We recommend tossing in a basket that has amenities like:

  • Tide Pens
  • Disposable Toothbrushes
  • Toothpaste
  • Mints
  • Lotion

Add Some Mood Lighting

It’s never safe to have an open flame unattended in a portable restroom, but one easy way to create mood lighting is to set up some electrical candles. These are a safe alternative that still provides the classic ambiance your guests would come to expect from a high-class event like yours.

Make the Amenities Unique!

Finally, if you plan on going all-out for your event, make the amenities completely unique for your gathering. For example, did you know you could order custom toilet paper with images and text on them?

You could even order custom scented soaps for your guests to use at the handwashing stations that can be ordered with any of our units.

Rent Your Next Event Facilities With Texas Johns

No matter how large or small your event is, your guests will need a place “to go!” Let the porta-potty experts at Texas Johns help you pick the right unit for your event. We will help you ensure your attendees have all of their needs met with our clean facilities. Contact us today to start your order!




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