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Why Protection for Your Porta Potty Rental Matters

As with every rental, your porta potty unit comes with the option of rental insurance that keeps you off of the hook if your event goes sour. Also, unfortunately, similar to many rentals, a lot of customers try to save money in the short-term and assume their unit is safe at their event.

While we put our faith in every client who rents with us, there are legitimate concerns that should be considered before turning down a damage waiver. Here’s why some of our best customers have taken the right steps towards keeping their units safe and functional.

Replacement Units Will Cost You Money

Remember, when you rent a portable restroom unit without any coverage, all liability falls on your shoulders. If your unit is damaged, stolen, or vandalized you are the person who has to foot the bill.

Repairs and replacements aren’t cheap, and even the most basic porta potty can run in the thousand dollar range. That’s the main reason why we recommend damage coverage. Pay a little now, and avoid paying a lot more later if the worst possible scenario happens.

Typical Damage Waivers Help Protect Clients From:

● Weather
● Accidents
● Vandalism

Your Location May Not be as Safe as You Think

You may think you know the area where your event is being held, but high-risk areas for rentals go beyond communities with high crime rates. Large events and public areas where these events are held, usually don’t provide much as far as protection and security, especially after-hours. Without adequate security, your unit runs the risk of tipping, vandalism, or other expensive and unsafe damage that could occur.

You Can’t Predict Weather

You may not be in control of inclement weather, but you can take the reins on controlling how the weather impacts your rental contract. Heavy storms, hail, and tornadoes can all cause severe damage to a portable restroom of any size. Don’t leave yourself paying thousands for damages you didn’t cause. Protect your budget today with a damage waiver from your rental company.

Porta-Potties Provide a Convenience

Let’s face it; from construction sites to spring festivals, portable restrooms provide a massive convenience at local events. When your restroom is damaged, people can’t effectively use it. A damage waiver can help you quickly replace a damaged unit and ensure that your guests always have a reliable place “to go.”

Keep Your Porta Potty Covered With Texas Johns

At Texas Johns, we want your portable restroom rental experience to flow smoothly. Trust us to offer you the most comprehensive damage waiver that helps you mitigate the price of damage and destruction during your rental. If you have any questions about our services, we have the answers you need. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our available units.



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