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Different Ways Restroom Trailers Keep Your Construction Site Comfortable

Larger construction sites often need more restroom availability than a standard porta-potty on site. We’ve found that renting restroom trailers can help solve any efficiency and safety problems that could surface during a large scale construction project.

Here are some of the reasons why we think your site could benefit from restroom trailers over the standard portable restroom unit.

Portable Restroom Trailers Solve the Waiting Problem

When there is a limited number of portable restrooms at a construction site and a sizable amount of workers, safety and efficiency become an issue.

Having large amounts of workers waiting for the restroom cuts down on the number of people completing their job. Although minute on a small scale, lengthy breaks could easily push back the project’s deadline when multiple breaks start stacking up.

Also, having multiple people standing around on an active construction site presents a safety hazard because worker attention spans aren’t necessarily focused on their surroundings. 

By renting portable restroom trailers for your site, you can eliminate both problems. Restroom trailers are an affordable option that allows multiple people to comfortably use the unit at once; speeding up breaks and keeping active areas clear.

Our Amenities Ensure Your Site is Sanitary

Even though construction sites kick up a lot of dust and grime, your portable restroom’s amenities should give workers a chance to stay clean while on the job. It’s essential that your construction site remains a clean and safe place for your workers and site visitors. Portable restroom trailers offer a contained unit that will prevent waste from accidentally finding its way onto your site.

They Offer a Flexible Restroom Solution for Employees

Your site should always implement portable restrooms for the duration of a project. Even though it’s the law in most areas, some clients or foremen may not understand why the requirement is in place.

In short, portable restrooms offer a flexible way to provide restroom capabilities to construction workers. Without well-planned placement of a restroom onsite, your employees could have to wander too close to traffic in order to use an off-site restroom; and this is a major safety hazard. 

By placing your portable restrooms in close proximity to your construction site, your team is able to make it to the restroom in a safe and alert fashion; mitigating the risks of any on the job hazards that result from a restroom that’s located too far away.

Restroom Trailers Keep People Out of the Heat

Construction is a necessity of city life and unfortunately, the heat in Dallas doesn’t take a break during the summer. The team at Texas Johns has your employee’s best interests in mind and offers restroom trailers with air-conditioned units that will give them respite from the heat.

Not only do our trailers help prevent heatstroke, but the cooling sensation also gives workers a little “perk” that helps them remain alert during a hot day on the job.

Keep Your Site Clean With Restroom Trailers From Texas Johns

At Texas Johns, we love to focus on how our products can make life easier for any of our clients. If you are a construction site manager who wants a simple, affordable way to provide restrooms at your site, we have several solutions for you to choose from. Contact us today to find out more about our products in your area.



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