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Why Your Construction Site Needs A Portable Restroom

Construction jobs can be hot, strenuous, and just uncomfortable at times for the workers involved. From home remodels to full-on building construction, one of the essentials of keeping morale up during any construction project is the addition of a portable restroom on-site. Here are some of the biggest perks of splurging on a portable restroom rental unit for the workers on your project.

They Solve the “Restroom Problem”

Any respective construction foreman will ensure that their employees have a place to relieve themselves when they’ve “got to go.” But sadly, there are some companies out there that believe in saving a buck and making their employees seek restroom privacy at the nearest public facility they can find.

Although this logic makes financial sense at first glance, when one really looks at the time spent away from the construction site driving to a public restroom, there can be a lot of money wasted in the project’s budget. To make matters worse, if there is no public restroom around, as the client sees workers come and go from the site, they will begin to lose faith in the actual work being done and could decide to complete the job with a competing contractor.

Avoid any of these inconveniences by ordering enough portable restroom units to solve the problem of workers leaving the site while on the clock.

Productivity Increases

Not only does an on-site restroom keep workers on the job but it will also make workers happy. Studies have shown that regardless of the industry if employees are happy, then productivity increases. In construction, focus and productivity are essential to completing a project by its deadline. Keep up the productivity and build your reputation with a porta-potty rental from Texas Johns.

Portable Restrooms Create a Safe Working Environment

According to OSHA regulations, any employer is required to provide access to toilets for their workers. Failing to comply with OSHA regulations at a construction site not only means you could be facing fines, but it also could be putting your employee’s safety at risk.

Without access to a public restroom, workers may be forced to relieve themselves in areas around the site. Not only is this a health hazard to the workers on the job, but it is also an environmental threat to the members of the surrounding community.

Keep Morale Up High at Your Next Construction Gig With Texas Johns

At Texas Johns, we believe that no matter the event or location, there should always be a comfortable place for someone to relieve themselves in privacy. Our portable restroom units come in a variety of sizes and with several helpful amenities that are guaranteed to keep any client satisfied. Make sure that your next construction project has all of the equipment it needs with the help of Texas Johns. Contact us to find out more about our available rentals.





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