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6 Reasons to Always Rent a Portable Restroom Trailer

Luxury Portable Restroom Trailer In Dallas-Fort Worth

When you’re responsible for hosting a large event or managing an extensive construction project, picking out the right portable restroom unit is important. After all, not every event will be appropriate for a standard unit porta-potty.

However, instead of going back and forth between different options from rental companies, you should just guarantee users a comfortable experience with luxury portable restroom trailers from Texas Johns.

Here are six reasons why renting a restroom trailer is the most unique and best option for any rental need, year-round!

  1. Portable Restroom Trailers Offer Odor Reduction

Through actual plumbing and the modern technology that grants our restroom trailers the ability to expel foul odors, we’ve virtually eliminated the myth that portable toilets always smell bad.

Our restroom trailers are state-of-the-art and present a clean, welcoming, and fresh environment, even between maintenance appointments.

  1. We Offer Well-Lit Units

One of the biggest issues with standard porta-potties is the difficulty of using them at night. Standard units aren’t equipped with interior illumination. This forces some users to put their phones at risk or simply try to comfortably use the restroom without a light.

You should always be able to see what you’re doing in the restroom, and that’s why so many people turn to portable restroom trailers for a better experience.

Our units are wired to provide a well-lit atmosphere that takes the guesswork out of using the restroom at an evening event.

  1. Trailer Restrooms Are Family-Friendly

Single porta-potty units aren’t the easiest place to take small children who need to use the restroom. Trailer restroom options provide a family-friendly environment that is spacious enough for parents to easily take their children to void without the difficulties faced from a regular porta-potty experience.

  1. They Reduce Pile-Ups

Waiting in line for the restroom is never a good time. Fortunately, restroom trailers have the capabilities to reduce or even eliminate wait times at crowded functions. 

Our restroom trailers can come in sizes that range from 2 to 10 stalls per trailer. With ample interior space and easy exit and entry points, our units have all of the features necessary to allow guests in and out of the restroom quickly.

  1. Perfect for Year-Round Use

Events happen in both hot and cold weather conditions, and regardless, your guests shouldn’t have to worry about the temperature of the restroom they’re using. Our restroom trailers are built to offer year-round comfort, no matter the temperature outside. 

Their electric capabilities allow them to offer both air conditioning and heat depending on the weather conditions during the rental window. No matter the time of year you’re renting, the team at Texas Johns has the capability to offer a pleasant restroom visit.

  1. Fully Functioning Restrooms

Our trailers are a step above the standard unit because they serve as complete restrooms. From running water to flushing toilets, we promise your portable restroom options will be just as effective as any regular restroom.

Offer Guests a Comfortable Restroom Experience With Texas Johns

No matter where your event or worksite is, no one should ever have to feel uncomfortable using the restroom. At Texas Johns, we help kick the cleanliness myths behind portable restrooms. From our luxury restroom trailers to our regularly scheduled maintenance on all unit types, we prioritize our client’s comfort, and sanitation

We guarantee a clean experience with every visit to one of our facilities and invite you to try us out the next time you need a remote restroom. Contact us today to schedule a rental or to learn more about our services.



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