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Single Porta-Potties Vs. Restroom Trailers At Your Construction Site

Luxury Portable Restroom Trailer for Construction Sites in Dallas-Fort Worth

When your construction company starts to lay down plans for its next project, one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make for your team is how you’re going to handle restroom provisions and sanitation.

A clean construction site is a safe one and the team at Texas Johns is always prepared to help you make the right decisions for your crew. Here’s our opinion on why it’s always a better choice to give your site portable restroom trailers over multiple standard porta-potties.

Trailers Are Generally a Cleaner Option

Although we provide regular maintenance to all of the units we rent to our customers, portable restroom trailers provide a more comfortable and cleaner environment than a standard porta-potty unit.

Instead of dealing with a pit of “the blue stuff” found in a porta-potty, restroom trailers offer a total restroom experience complete with flushable toilets that completely separate waste from users.

Restroom trailers also come equipped with usable sinks and all necessary amenities required to provide a clean and private restroom experience. Yes, our company offers exterior handwashing stations and sinks; but having all necessities available at once mitigates the spread of germs throughout your construction site.

Restroom Trailers Help Keep Productivity Moving

Although individual portable restrooms keep your workers on-site, they can still create a conga line of users that takes away from the productivity of your construction site. In the construction industry, time is money, and your team can’t afford to miss a beat.

Portable restroom trailers from Texas Johns range from 2 station trailers all the way to our luxurious 10 station restroom trailers. With our spacious offerings, your crew will never have to wait to get their personal business done.

Trust restroom trailers from Texas Johns to help you meet your construction deadlines.

Porta-Potties Don’t Provide an Escape from the Weather

Rain, shine, winter, or summer, the show must go on at a construction site. However, our bodies weren’t built to constantly withstand extreme hot or cold temperatures.

Going inside of the building you’re working on or traveling offsite to cool down or warm-up isn’t an option. Unfortunately, neither is a standard porta-potty when it comes to respite from the weather.

Portable restroom trailers, however, come equipped with heating and air conditioning capabilities. Therefore, they can be a perfectly accessible place for your team members to take a quick break from any extreme hot or cold weather.

Make Your Construction Site as Comfortable as Possible With Texas Johns

If we’ve won you over and you’re ready to rent some portable restroom trailers for your latest construction project, Texas Johns wants to hear from you!

We are Texas’s most trusted portable restroom providers and will help you simplify restroom rentals throughout your project. Our team will plan, install, maintain, and haul off your restroom units when your work is done. We make the rental process painless and allow you to perfect your project in comfort.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and available units in your area.



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