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5 Benefits of Portable Hand-Washing Sink Rentals

Portable Handwashing Sink Rentals in Dallas-Fort Worth TX

Sometimes a construction site or public event may not have functioning restrooms available where people can wash their hands at any moment. Unfortunately, unless you rent a luxury restroom trailer, even a standard set of portable restrooms won’t have effective hand-washing capabilities.

The sanitation team at Texas Johns is proud to offer our clients a solution to this common hygiene problem. Our portable hand-washing stations offer several benefits to the sites that utilize them and help keep an event as clean and germ-free as possible.

Here is a look at some of the other key benefits our units provide.

They Keep Your Site Eco-Friendly

Unlike sinks that are hooked up to a plumbing system, hand-washing sinks are sustainable and reusable from site to site. Our hand-washing stations provide up to 200 fresh washes before the tank needs to be cleaned and refilled. Texas Johns helps keep your site greener by eliminating the need for expensive and wasteful plumbing installation.

They Are Cost-Effective

A hand-washing station rental from Texas Johns is a straightforward and cost-effective sanitation solution. All you have to pay is the initial rental fee. We’ll cover all installations, maintenance, refills, and removals.

Trust us to make keeping your site clean as easy as possible.

Hand-Washing Stations Make Hygiene Possible in Difficult Situations

Construction sites, large parks, and events that involve food trucks, often have the need for people to remain as hygienic as possible. Unfortunately, most of these locations don’t have readily available handwashing facilities for employees and guests to use.

Portable hand-washing stations make cleanliness a possibility at remote or spread-out locations. Aside from the standard sink, our hand-washing stations also come equipped with all of the soap and paper towels your guests will need to remain germ-free at your event or construction site.

Hand-Washing Stations Offer Flexibility

This is especially important in events like construction site hand-washing station rentals. As a construction project grows different areas of the project are bound to become more populated than other parts were when construction commenced.

Regardless of where the action is taking place, your construction team will still need to keep its hands clean. Portable washing stations from Texas Johns create simple flexibility and prevent the need for an arduous trek to wash one’s hands.

Our stations are completely mobile and can be easily moved from one important location to the next!

Portable Sinks Are Stand-Alone Units

Our portable sinks are stand-alone units that don’t require electricity or plumbing for their effective use. Simply let us know and our team will be out to promptly deliver your unit. At Texas Johns, our goal is to offer a stress-free rental experience with each of our products.

Ensure Hygienic Practices at Your Site Today, With Texas Johns

Whether you need reliable portable restrooms or portable hand-washing stations, the team at Texas Johns has your event site covered. We are Texas’s leading provider of quality, clean portable restrooms, portable fencing, and dumpster roll-off services.

No matter your sanitation needs, we are prepared to help! Contact us today to learn more about our available units in your area!



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