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Top 4 Ways A Porta-Potty Rentals Save You Money

Construction Porta Porta Rentals in McKinney TX

Whether you are planning a community event or managing a Texas construction site, saving money wherever possible is always important. While some may think that there’s no way to save money on sanitation services for an event or project, the truth is that standard porta-potty rentals can bolster your budget more than you think.

Local is Always a Better Price

Many people think that larger national companies may offer their clients better rates on portable restroom rentals. Unfortunately, though, national companies often overprice their rates and contract local companies to carry out the actual job.

So, if you really want a true rental rate for your portable restrooms, always make sure you work with a local company that directly services where your event or construction site is located.

Portable Restrooms Save Construction Sites Thousands in Bathroom Breaks

When a construction site doesn’t have available restrooms on-site, workers have to venture from their jobs to find a comfortable place to relieve themselves. Each bathroom break may seem innocent enough.

However, over time, the minutes away from the site and gas expenses will add up and your construction site could easily flush thousands of dollars down the drain.

Porta-potties provide an accessible way for construction workers to use the restroom at a construction site. Our products minimize downtime, maximize comfort, and help the construction sites we service save money.

Porta-Potties Save You Water, Electricity, and Maintenance Costs

Standard restrooms use mass amounts of water per flush and require electrical wiring that costs you money towards keeping the lights on. Fortunately, porta-potties only rely on large tanks and sanitation chemicals to provide effective services.

There is no flushing involved, and the bigger the tank you order for your portable restroom the more you’ll save on maintenance costs for the duration of the event.

Longer Rentals Can Reduce Your Rates

Although one would assume that the longer you rent something the more expensive the price will be; when it comes to portable restrooms, longer rentals usually yield financial benefits.

Some companies may be prone to reducing the daily rental rate on longer contracts, or the size of your portable rentals and the frequency they require maintenance could save you in long-term upkeep costs.

So, if you know that you have a construction project coming up that could take months, make sure to shop around and find a rental partner that is prepared to give you the most bang for your buck during your longer rental period.

Save Money on Comfort Today, With Texas Johns

If you are looking for a portable restroom company that knows how to deal with events and construction sites of all sizes, look no further than Texas Johns. We have served Texas well for decades and are proud of the luxury sanitation options we provide to the clients we serve.

From portable restroom trailers that fulfill all comfort and hygienic needs to mobile hand-washing stations that keep guests clean on the go, Texas Johns has you covered.

Contact us today to learn more about our services or start your next rental order.



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