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Do You Need to Rent a Holding Tank?

Holding Tank Rentals in Dallas-Fort Worth

Holding tank rentals can be an excellent add-on to your portable restroom rental. While every restroom from Texas Johns comes with a general tank, a holding tank rental can take your mobile restroom and mobile plumbing experience above and beyond.

We understand that adding expenses to a portable restroom rental may seem superfluous, however, there are definitely some event and professional rental situations where a holding tank is the best option for saving money and keeping guests or employees happy.

Signs that you need a holding tank rental at your next event or construction job

Your Event is in a Remote Location

Many people don’t realize just how much a holding tank rental can help the logistics of an event that is held in an area where restrooms and plumbing aren’t readily available. The need for a rental tank is especially true if your remote location is the site of a large event where many people will be in and out of your portable restrooms.

Holding tanks provide your guests with access to water and a more natural restroom experience that can include flushing toilets, sink availability, and more.

Whether you need a water tank or waste tank, the team at Texas Johns can help you install your tank rental to your construction trailer or portable restroom trailer. We’re here to help bring normalcy to your remote site.

You Don’t Want Your Portable Restroom to Smell Bad

One of the biggest stigmas of portable restroom rentals (yes, even trailers), is that they generally smell bad after so many people use them between maintenance calls.

Holding tanks hold wastewater away from public use. They are made from heavy-duty plastic and are an excellent way to improve a portable restroom trailer rental. Holding tanks prevent foul odors from creeping into the restroom; leaving your trailer, a more welcoming place for your guests and employees to relieve themselves.

You Want to Reduce Your Maintenance Costs

Rentals and general maintenance cost money, and you may be looking for ways to stretch your event’s budget. Holding tanks from Texas Johns come in 250 and 300-gallon holding capacities that help reduce your need for constant maintenance.

Holding tank rentals mean that your guests will be able to use your facilities for quite some time before maintenance is something you’ll need to worry about.

The average portable restroom requires deep maintenance at least once a week, even with minimal use. However, a large holding tank like the rentals offered through Texas Johns can go through 40-hours of use before they need to be cleared out.

With holding tanks on your side, maintenance downtime is few and far between, and you save money on maintenance costs for the terms of your rental.

Improve Your Portable Restroom Rental Experience Today, With Texas Johns

If you are planning to host a community event this spring or have a large construction project on the horizon, you need the best portable restroom options on your side. Whether you need a holding tank, portable sink stations, or luxury restroom trailers to meet your needs, the sanitation professionals of Texas Johns are here to help.

Contact us today to learn more about our available units in your area and schedule your next rental.



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