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Is Your Construction Site Violating OSHA Toilet Requirements?

OSHA Construction Site Regulations Porta Potty Rentals Texas

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), creates standards that ensure a safe and healthful workplace for employees of all industries.

One of the most important sanitation standards any workplace needs is ample restroom facilities for employees.

On construction sites without easy access to plumbing or physical restrooms, portable toilet rentals are the norm for meeting OSHA standards.

Let’s take a look at what OSHA requires for its construction site restroom standards and how you can avoid being out of compliance with this regulatory agency.

What are Portable Restroom OSHA Requirements?

OSHA requirements for contractors to provide suitable restrooms at their sites include the following stipulations:

  • Employees must provide at least 1 toilet for 20 employees or less
  • 1 toilet seat and 1 urinal per 40 workers when 20 or more are employed.
  • 1 toilet seat and 1 urinal per 50 workers when an employer has 200 or more workers

In all instances, OSHA requires that the restrooms are readily available at any time of the workday.

What is the Definition of “Readily Available” Portable Restrooms?

A readily available restroom is one that is clean, sanitary, and can easily be reached within 10 minutes. In order for a restroom to be deemed clean and sanitary, it must be serviced at least once or twice per week.

Toilet facilities are expected to be easily accessible to all workers on-site and must meet the following requirements:

  • Key access is something that should only be permitted in specific situations
  • Employees must be allowed to leave for the restroom when needed
  • Employers may not place unreasonable restrictions on restroom use

The Consequences of OSHA Violations

Violating OSHA requirements can lead to several outcomes that can cost you thousands of dollars per violation, as well as leave you with a criminal record.

Some of the consequences you could avoid through OSHA compliance at your construction site are:

  1. Other-Than-Serious

    A health or safety violation that wouldn’t result in death. These violations can have fines of up to $12,934 per violation.

  2. Serious

    When an employer knows there is a hazard on-site that could impact the health of their employees, they face fines up to $12,934 per violation. This amount could increase with repeat offenses.

  3. Failure to Abate

    When an employer has been cited and has not corrected the problem, OSHA grants them a specific timeframe to do so. If they fail to correct the issue, they are fined up to $12,934, per day until it is resolved.

Order the Portable Restrooms Your Site Needs With Texas Johns

If your goal is to have a construction site that follows all of OSHA requirements and keeps its workers happy, the first step in the right direction is renting enough portable restrooms for the duration of your project.

At Texas Johns, we offer a variety of portable restrooms that can help you create the environment you desire and give your team a comfortable place to use the restroom.

Whether you need a few single porta-potties or a 10-stall luxury trailer, Texan Johns has your back.

Place your order today or contact us for more information!



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