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3 Little Known Benefits of Street Sweeping Services

Street Sweeping Services in Dallas-Fort Worth TX

Everyone knows that construction sites are notorious for creating dusty, grimey messes around the perimeter of a project. While temporary fencing and proper signage can deter the general public away from the mess, it’s still possible for trash, dirt, and other debris to make their way onto surrounding community streets.

Street sweeping isn’t just a practice that keeps your streets cleaner, it’s one that helps create several useful benefits for your community and surrounding environment.

If you manage a construction zone and question whether or not you need street sweeping services for your site, here are 3 little-known, yet, important reasons why you should always have Texas Johns on call!

  1. Wildlife Preservation

    You may think that a little dirt and dust won’t be an issue for surrounding wildlife. After all, it’s all nature, right?

    Unfortunately, construction zones often dabble in building destruction, and other actions that result in the trash, plastics, and other litter clogging up the streets. Left unchecked, this litter can easily spread into local wildlife and taint natural habitats and the animals that live in them.

    Protect your environment and protect your reputation by regularly scheduling regular street sweeping services around the perimeter of your construction site.
    Cleaning up waste sooner prevents bigger problems in the long run.

  2. Property Value Protection

    The last thing you want is to taint your property value before you’ve had a chance to display the new project you’re constructing. Street sweeping services from Texas johns help prevent property damage that could occur if debris and rubble are left surrounding a construction site.

    Street sweeping not only keeps streets cleaner now, but it preserves their integrity for years to come. Remove wearing debris today and extend the life of the pavement surrounding your property.

    If your pavement and streets match the beauty of your newly constructed building, property values will definitely maintain or increase!

  3. Health and Safety

    The health and safety of your community should always be one of your construction site’s primary concerns. While you may practice safe construction, it’s always possible for hazardous materials to make their way beyond your site’s borders.

    Street sweeping clears out hazardous products and keeps your neighborhood’s environment healthy and safe. Our services also remove obstructive items that could lead to devastating cycling and pedestrian accidents.

How Can Texas Johns Help Keep Your Construction Area Cleaner?

Texas Johns is known for our portable restrooms, roll-off dumpsters, and water tanks we provide to construction sites across the Lone Star State. We have recently expanded our construction services to include street sweeping around construction sites.

Right now, this service is only available to construction clients, so, if you want to preserve your surroundings and make your community a more pleasant place during construction, take advantage of the exclusivity today.

Contact us to learn more about our services, schedule a sweeping service, or rent portable trailers for your next project. Texas Johns is always available to help make your site a safer, sanitary place.



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