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Tips to Keep Your Construction Site Porta Potty Cooler This Summer

How to Keep Your Construction Site Porta-Potty Cooler During the Summer

It’s no secret that Texas is home to some of the hottest summers. While our summers may be scorchers, outdoor business efforts like construction projects must still press on.

Every construction site should use portable restrooms to maintain sanitation requirements and meet deadlines. However, comfort is still key. Therefore, you’ll want to follow the following guidelines for keeping your restroom space for your construction site cooler this summer.

Find a Naturally Cool Area

Keeping your porta potty comfortable starts with general placement. If possible, avoid installing your portable restrooms in an area with a lot of direct sunlight. Standard units can quickly become an oven and make restroom breaks unbearable.

When placing your portable restrooms, make sure to do so in a shaded area with flat, even ground for maximum comfort. Even if your site doesn’t have natural shade to help cool down your porta potties, invest in a temporary tent to help stave off the sun during work hours.

Place Portable Restrooms in a Ventilated Space

Aside from general shade, ventilation is necessary for keeping your restroom cool. All portable restrooms come with built-in ventilation slits. but without regular air flow, they’re rendered useless.

Before finalizing a spot for your restrooms, speak with your porta potty rental company to discern the best possible spot for airflow to your restroom. We’ve seen it all and can help you make a decision that keeps your location as cool as possible this summer.

Crack the Door Open When Possible

If possible, ask your site workers to leave the entrance to the porta-potty open a crack between use. Even a little extra ventilation can make your restrooms significantly cooler for the next person who uses them.

Keep in mind that if you opt to put this practice into place, you want your restrooms to be especially clean throughout the duration of use. From leaving extra sanitation methods like wipes to scheduling extra maintenance on our end, a cleaner restroom is one you can comfortably air out before and after your workday ends.

Invest in a Trailer Upgrade

Finally, if you want the ultimate way to keep your restrooms cool, invest in an upgrade that guarantees a comfortable experience.

At Texas Johns, we offer various portable restroom trailers installed with their own HVAC units. This lets you provide a luxury restroom at a cost that isn’t going to break your site’s budget.

We especially encourage these rentals when your team is large, or the location is extraordinarily dry and void of regular airflow.

Manage Your Construction Facilities the Sanitary Way With Texas Johns

Start your construction site off on the right foot with Texas Johns. No matter your portable restroom needs, we have the equipment and customer service to help you have the cleanest most comfortable portable restrooms possible.

Contact us today to schedule an order or learn more about our portable restroom availability in your area. Texas Johns always has your back if you need standard units or a trailer upgrade.



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