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6 Tips For Handling Portable Restroom Vandalism At Your Public Event

We’ve all seen the portable restroom where graffiti and vulgar slang are strewn across its surface. This look isn’t inviting to users and can be one of the biggest frustrations with long-term portable restroom rentals.

If you are planning on a long-term portable restroom rental this summer, keeping them clean from vandalism should be a priority. Try out these six tips that will help you get rid of and possibly avoid vandalism on your portable toilet rental units.

Put Your Portable Restroom in a Secure Spot

Before you make the call for a rental unit, make sure you’ve planned out this portion of the event. Easy access is essentially an open door invitation for vandals to wreak havoc on your portable restroom.

If you are hosting a private event, whether it’s a music festival, 4th of July parade, or summer concert, you should check your physical security around where you’ll be placing your restrooms. Are there gaps in the fence? Are there easy access points to your property from outsiders?

Questions like these should be taken into consideration when placing units. The goal should be to keep them out of sight. This can be done with strategic placement or screening with the placement of new trees around the restroom area.

Remove Graffiti ASAP

Removing graffiti as soon as possible is the best way to ward off would-be vandals. Most of these tags are done to stroke the ego of the vandal. They’ll want to return and see their “hard work” on display.

If you can get the graffiti removed once its found, it’s possible your vandals will lose interest and move on to a location where their paint won’t be removed.

Pencil Marks

For pencil marks, we suggest always having a large, fresh eraser on-hand. Ensure that it is fresh and rarely used. This is all you need to remove pencil marks from your portable units. Another great way to remove these tags is with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.


Marker graffiti may seem like a beast to erase, but there are always available solutions. Our recommendations range between these three products:

  • Goof Off Graffiti Remover;
  • TOICO brand sponges; and
  • Standard oven cleaner.

Have Staff On-Site

If you are hosting a larger event that requires staff, keep a couple of your employees around the porta-potties. Simply the presence of any figure of authority will be enough to protect your units. This is especially key if you are hosting an event that involves several rental units on your property.

Invest in Extra Security Measures

Sometimes staff on-hand just isn’t enough and further security is needed to ward off unruly guests. Some effective methods we’ve seen used in the past include:

  • Warning signs threatening prosecution;
  • Motion-activated lights;
  • Coordination with local law enforcement; and
  • Staking the unit to prevent tipping.

Find Clean and Welcoming Portable Restrooms From Texas Johns

The team behind Texas Johns is proud to present clean porta-potty rentals and more to event planners across Texas. If you need a portable restroom rental for your next project or event, we have a restroom that will accommodate your guests. Get in touch with us to find out more about our units and septic system services.





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