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Be Aware of These Toilet Rental Rules and Regulations

Keeping Your Porta Potties Clean at Multi-Day Events

Rental toilets may seem like a simple solution for outdoor events and construction sites, but there are actually several rules and regulations that govern their use. Those toilets are an important aspect of your event or worksite, and we want to help make sure you’re covered. Let’s explore some of the most important rules and regulations to keep in mind when renting and providing portable toilets.

Permitting & Licensing

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation requires all portable toilet rental companies to be licensed. See more here about the full process of renting your toilets. Note that certain types of events may have their own permitting requirements beyond just the license.

Rental Toilet Placement

Every toilet should be in a location that’s easily accessible and visible. It must be placed on solid and level ground, away from high-traffic areas, and cannot obstruct any access points or exits. Think about making the location special by locating it next to concessions, exits, or even something more creative.

Number of Rental Toilets

The required number of toilets depends on the size of the event and the number of people attending. Generally, the rule of thumb is to have one toilet for every 50 people.

Accessibility for Your Rental Toilets

The toilet should be accessible for people with disabilities, and at least 5% of the toilets should be accessible for people with disabilities, meaning one accessible toilet for every 20 standard toilets. They must be located near the general-use toilets.

Rental Toilet Signage

The toilet area should have clear and visible signs indicating its location and use so that guests or workers can easily locate and use them. Signage should include instructions for proper waste disposal and the site should include a way to collect paper and other guest waste. 

Hand Washing

The toilet should be equipped with a hand sanitizer or hand washing station that includes soap, running water, and paper towels. Texas Johns recommends offering both hand washing and hand sanitizing stations at your event or worksite. There are several options available from Texas Johns to fulfill this requirement.

Waste Disposal Access

The rental company is responsible for the disposal of waste and must follow all applicable waste management regulations. It’s a good idea to make this easy by keeping a clear path to and from the toilets themselves for the company to properly take care of your waste.


The rental company is responsible for maintaining the toilets, ensuring they are clean and serviced regularly. The rental company should respond promptly to any issues or complaints.

Additional Texas Requirements

Certain events, like concerts or festivals, may additionally require a specific type or number of toilets. These requirements should be spelled out in the permits you must file for your event or worksite, so don’t forget to keep those in mind and look for them when you’re signing your paperwork. It’s that easy!

Get the Party Started with Texas Johns

In conclusion, rental toilets are a great, simple solution for outdoor events and construction sites, but there are several important rules and regulations that govern their use. By following each of these regulations, Texas Johns ensures our rental toilets are safe, hygienic, and accessible for everyone who needs them. We have the experience and expertise to make sure your guests are safe and have the highest level of comfort. Reach out today to find out more and schedule your toilet rental!




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