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Benefits of Hand Sanitizers at Construction Sites

portable hand sanitizer station

Construction sites can be dangerous and dirty, so it’s crucial to prioritize hygiene in maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. One simple solution for improving hygiene is implementing a portable hand washing station alongside your porta-potty rental. 

Let’s look at hand sanitizing stations on construction sites and how they can improve worker safety, health, and happiness.

Reducing Germ Spread

One of the prime benefits of hand sanitizing stations is reducing the spread of germs. Construction sites are communal spaces, and workers are in constant close proximity, increasing the risk of germs and bacteria spreading. With hand sanitizing stations, workers can easily clean up and reduce the risk of sharing illnesses and infections.

Construction sites can be hazardous places, with a high risk of injury, which makes proper hand hygiene even more crucial. Hand sanitizing stations near your portable restroom trailers can also improve worker safety by preventing the spread of infection and diseases that might slow down or even halt work on a job. 

Accessible and Convenient

Ensuring sanitation is convenient and accessible is crucial in work environments where frequent hand cleaning is necessary. Our installation team can strategically place stations throughout the workplace to ensure workers have easy access to them at all times. This eliminates the need for workers to leave their work area to find a sink or restroom, saving time and improving productivity.

The cost of installing these stations is significantly lower than the potential loss of productivity from illness, injury, or prolonged bathroom breaks due to poor portable restroom placement. 

When workers get sick, they may take time off, unavoidably increasing expenses for their employer. Investing in hand sanitizing stations is a small price to pay for workers’ long-term health and safety.

Improving Morale

Employee morale is, of course, a critical aspect of any successful business. When employees feel valued, appreciated, and supported by their employer, they are more likely to be satisfied with their job, be more productive, and remain loyal to the company. Installing hand sanitizing stations demonstrates to employees that their employer cares about their health and well-being. 

In a world where contagious illnesses are, unfortunately, a constant threat, providing workers a way to clean their hands frequently and effectively can go a long way toward establishing high morale. 

Workers feel valued and appreciated when their employer takes steps that prioritize their health and safety.

Providing sanitizing stations can also improve the overall perception of your company and brand among employees, clients, customers, and site visitors. It demonstrates you’re committed to maintaining a clean and safe workplace and has a significant impact on the company’s reputation.

Texas Johns Has Your Sanitation Solutions At the Ready

At Texas Johns, we understand the importance of promoting hygiene in construction sites. That’s why we offer high-quality hand sanitizing stations that can be easily installed and placed throughout your construction site for easy access. Our solutions are cost-effective and convenient and can help improve worker safety and health.

To learn more about our hand sanitizing stations and how they can benefit your construction site, contact Texas Johns today. We’ll be happy to help you create a safer and healthier work environment for your team.



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