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6 Reasons Handwashing Stations Are Essential for Event Planning

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Whether they are in a restroom area or spread throughout a food truck section of your event, portable handwashing stations can make your event a safer one. Let’s take a look at 6 of the biggest reasons why you should always have this equipment on your event planning checklist.

1. They Are a Safe Way to Keep Hands Clean

Portable handwashing stations from Texas Johns don’t even require using your hands to clean them. Our handwashing equipment is all foot pump propelled. So, unlike a standard bathroom sink, when you clean your hands, you aren’t replacing old germs with new germs when you shut off the sink.

2. Easy Installation and Tear-Down

With the help of a rental company, installing and removing these portable handwashing stations is incredibly easy. Rental companies have the necessary personnel and equipment to set up your station in no time at all quickly.

After you’re done with it, they will also take care of disassembling it just as efficiently as they installed it. The stress-free process of letting a team like ours handle installation and removal leaves you free to focus on other aspects of your event planning.

3. They Are Appropriate for Indoor or Outdoor Use

Handwashing stations are easy to set up and only take up a little real estate at your event. So, whether you want to keep hands cleaner indoors or outdoors, handwashing stations are an effective, splash-free way to get the job done.

4. Handwashing Stations Help Reduce the Spread of Germs and Bacteria at Events

With proper handwashing techniques available, event organizers can ensure that their attendees stay healthy by minimizing contact with potentially infectious germs and bacteria. Additionally, having handwashing stations available will encourage better personal hygiene habits among participants.

It may reduce the amount of garbage created during an event, as fewer disposable items, such as paper towels, will be required.

Ultimately, adding handwashing stations to your next event is an easy way to promote health and safety for everyone involved.

5. They Provide an Extra Layer of Safety When Food is Served at Events

Cross-contamination and spreading germs is so easy around food that it’s scary. This is especially true when it comes to large-scale community events. The last thing you want are issues surfacing at your event surrounding cross-contamination and foodborne illness.

Portable handwashing stations create an additional layer of safety that keeps food handling cleaner and your patrons safer.

6. Available Handwashing Stations Are Often a Requirement

If your event employs 11 or more people, OSHA requires adequate handwashing facilities for your location. Not every event site has onsite restrooms that can fulfill these needs. Renting handwashing stations for your event’s restroom space can help you stay in compliance as you promote healthy habits amongst your employees and attendees.

Aside from just being a sanitary addition to your event, renting portable handwashing stations makes it easier to document sanitation practices for future event planning.

Make Your Event a Clean One With Texas Johns

Dallas is a big city that loves to throw public events. Make sure that your next community gathering encourages safe, hygienic practices. Trust Texas Johns to provide you with quality portable restrooms and handwashing stations for your bathroom areas.

Contact us today to schedule your next rental.



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