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Top Tips for Maintaining Sanitation in a Portable Restroom

Cleaning supplies to clean a portable restroom renal

Port-a-potties don’t have a reputation for being the cleanest place to use the bathroom. However, aside from maintenance from a rental company, the sanitation involved with a portable restroom is all in the hand of you, the renter.

If you want to keep your guests happy as they use the bathroom areas of your next event, follow our top tips for maintaining sanitation in a portable restroom.

1. Use Temporary Fencing to Create a Designated Restroom Area

In order to keep your event as germ-free as possible, you want to create a designated zone for your bathroom rentals. Aside from installing your portable restrooms a distance from the action at your event, upgrading the restroom zone with temporary fencing that physically separates your event from the restrooms is a good idea.

2. Place Signs Around Your Restroom Zone

Sometimes fencing isn’t enough to let people know where they can go when nature calls! Place signs around your restroom zone that let your guests know restrooms and handwashing stations are nearby.

Extra signage helps prevent confusion, accidents, and the risk of contamination at your event.

3. Utilize Lights and Other Decorations 

While this is more of a decor tip than a push for sanitary practices, adding lighting to an outdoor bathroom space can have several benefits. 

Not only will it provide illumination for safety and security, but it can also create a beautiful atmosphere ideal for relaxation and making people comfortable using your portable restroom space. 

Lighting fixtures come in various shapes, sizes, and styles, so you can find the perfect one to complement your existing decor and add ambiance to your outdoor bathroom space. With proper lighting, your guests can confidently and comfortably enjoy your bathroom space during the day or night!

4. Provide Hand Sanitizer and Other Sanitation Supplies 

When it comes to portable restroom rentals, ensuring that hand sanitizer and soap are available is a must. Not only does this provide an extra layer of safety for your guests, but it also helps maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the area. 

Providing these amenities will give your guests peace of mind knowing that their hands will be free from germs and dirt after using the facilities. Additionally, having readily accessible hand sanitizer stations and soap can help prevent the spread of bacteria which can lead to illness or infection. 

By providing these items in your portable restroom rentals, you’ll be able to ensure a safe environment for everyone involved!

5. Clean Off Surfaces Regularly

It is important to regularly clean off portable restroom surfaces to maintain a safe and sanitary environment. When users visit these facilities, they want to be assured that their health and safety are not at risk. 

Allowing dirt and grime to accumulate on the surfaces of a portable restroom can lead to a buildup of harmful bacteria, which can spread easily among those using the facility, leading to potential illnesses or even more serious health problems.

A strong disinfectant cleaner is the best approach for regularly cleaning off portable restroom surfaces. Having this on hand for users to clean with or hiring an attendant to wipe down surfaces regularly will help eliminate any bacteria or germs from the area.

Stay Sanitary Today, With Texas Johns

Whether you rent port-a-potties for a family reunion or a community event, cleanliness should always be a priority for your guests. 

Texas Johns offers portable restroom rentals, temporary fencing, handwashing stations, and more that keep your event running smoothly.

Contact us today to schedule your next portable restroom trailer rental!



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