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Celebrate World Portable Sanitation Day with Texas Johns

Even though the world is such a large place, there are still shining moments when we can all come together and agree on the important things in life. November 19, 2018 signifies World Portable Sanitation Day. Sustainable sanitation is a global priority, and Texas Johns is proud to be a Dallas company that is promoting the cause through our services.

What is the Goal of World Portable Sanitation Day?

World Portable Sanitation Day was created by The Portable Sanitation Association International. It is celebrated in conjunction with World Toilet day with the efforts to promote the use of portable toilets and other sanitation products that benefit the environment.

Why is Portable Sanitation Important?

Although portable sanitation may seem like an everyday luxury, the rest of the world is not as fortunate. This is why this global recognition is so important.

Not only do portable toilets create a comfortable space to relieve oneself, but they also play a large part in:

  • The promotion of safety
  • Protection of the environment
  • Better overall health practices

The fact of the matter is, that in third-world countries, there isn’t the luxury of a restroom at every store, work location, or even home. More than 2.6 billion people face the issue of not being able to know where they can safely go when the time comes to use a restroom.

Not only does a lack of private toilets increase the risk of attacks in rural areas, but it also creates some immense health hazards that impact many people in areas where portable toilets have not expanded.

Lack of portable restrooms is not only a blow to a society’s quality of life, but it is also a catalyst for the spread of disease. For example, in areas where portable restrooms are not an option, waste begins to infect the natural water that people rely on simply to survive.

How Does Texas Johns Help the Metroplex?

At Texas Johns, we understand that portable options like ours can save your area millions of gallons of fresh water daily, and more. Knowing this information is why we are happy to promote this international effort in the Dallas Metroplex area. By continuing to remain environmentally conscious, we are able to produce quality products that benefit our clients and the environment as a whole.

Improve the World at Your Next Event Through Texas Johns Portable Restrooms

Join hands with Texas Johns for your next event and help us bring these international issues to the minds of leaders in our communities. Our company offers clean, affordable restroom options for an event of any size. From standard porta potties to more luxurious portable restroom trailers, we have an environmentally-friendly option that will fit your needs. Contact us today to schedule a rental for your next holiday event.




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