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Creative Uses For A Portable Restroom Trailer

Texas Johns Restroom Trailers at Oak Farms Dairy

In the modern age of being economical, we’ve seen people use their portable restroom trailers for more than just restroom space. Restroom trailers are extremely versatile pieces of equipment that offer a bigger, more luxurious space for guests to use beyond a restroom.  If you’re hosting an event this spring and are eager to make a great first impression with your creativity, here are some out of the box ways you can use a portable restroom trailer rental.

Turn Your Restroom Trailer Into a VIP Lounge 

If you want to give your guests the VIP treatment but don’t have the extra space on site, you could turn your restroom trailer into a makeshift VIP lounge Set up a few couches or chairs in the trailer and add some decorations like plants or art prints. 

You can even offer complimentary snacks and drinks and copies of any promotional materials you may have about the event. This way, you can give your most important guests their own private space and a luxury restroom trailer where they will be comfortable and entertained while also introducing them to all the information they need to know about the event. 

Make Your Restroom Trailer Into a Photo Booth 

Another fun idea is to use the restroom trailer as a photo booth! Decorate it with props and backdrops and make sure there is plenty of lighting available. 

Using a restroom trailer as a photobooth may sound like an odd idea, but having everyone come together inside one space to take pictures can create more opportunities for conversations and laughs. This alternate use for a trailer is perfect for weddings or family reunions.

As a Private Changing Room

Setting up a private changing room is essential if your event requires people to change in and out of multiple outfits throughout the day. From dance recitals to theater productions and weddings, private changing rooms are a luxury that isn’t available at every location. Portable restroom trailers provide spacious rooms with ample mirrors and shelves for storing clothing and accessories. They also provide much-needed privacy for performers who need time to prepare before taking the spotlight.

Additional Storage Space

Whether you need somewhere to store extra supplies or just want somewhere safe and secure for guests’ personal belongings, portable restroom trailers are perfect for providing extra storage space at events. Since they’re made with durable materials and can be easily monitored, you can rest assured that whatever is stored inside will stay safe and secure until it’s needed again. 

Make The Most of Your Portable Restroom Rental With Texas Johns

Portable restroom trailers offer so much potential for making events truly special! Whether you turn yours into a VIP lounge, photo booth, or experience station, these trailers will provide comfort and convenience while also creating unique memories that will last long after the event has ended. So don’t settle for plain old port-a-potties—make sure to check out luxury restroom trailers from Texas Johns.

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