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Should You Rent a Standard Port-A-Potty or Luxury Trailer?

Luxury Portable Restroom Trailer for Construction Sites in Dallas-Fort Worth

You may have many times in your life when adding a portable restroom is a great idea. For example, if you are hosting an event, your guests will be more comfortable knowing that facilities are nearby. You may also oversee a construction project where your employees need a place to relieve themselves. When completing a portable restroom rental, you must consider whether a traditional port-a-potty or a luxury restroom trailer will best meet your needs.

Let’s examine the differences between the two units and which would be the best portable restroom for your next big event.

Port-a-potty Rental in the Metroplex

If you are hosting a casual party at your home, a port-a-potty may be a perfect solution if the weather is warm. 

You should plan on renting at least two port-a-potties for every 100 people, and you will need to add at least one more if you plan on serving alcohol. 

Port-a-potties also work well if you have a small crew on a small construction site or renovation. Remember that there is minimal room in them, so your workers will not have the space to change clothes or complete other activities. 

Port-a-potties have a small footprint, which can be a great advantage if space is limited at a small event. When installing port-a-potties, ensure you place them in an area that is accessible to everyone since there will be a limited number on the premises.

Luxury Restroom Trailer Rental

Many people find that luxury trailer rental is a better option for them. We are the first in the Metroplex to offer a 10-unit trailer, which can be an excellent option for more significant events and concerts. 

Even if you choose to go with a smaller trailer, they hook directly to your water supply so guests can wash their hands in the lavatory in each unit. These trailers are spacious inside, so there is plenty of room for employees to change clothes or for your guests to get changed, like at a marathon, rodeo or another event where they will want to wear special clothes during part of the program.

Luxury restroom trailers are also a great choice at many worksites. This is especially true when there are plumbing issues at a worksite where people usually wear at least smart casual clothes. 

Texas Johns can often deliver a trailer within hours so your employees can keep working. Likewise, luxury trailers also work well during many remodeling projects at offices because employees will feel much more comfortable using these facilities than a port-a-potty.

Why Call Texas Johns for All of Your Portable Restroom Needs?

We are a family-owned business that takes great pride in paying attention to details many companies overlook. You will love the variety of available restroom options, ranging from single port-a-potties to our luxurious 10-stall trailer. 

In many cases, we can deliver your choices to your job site or home the same day you contact us to get a quote. If you are a construction supervisor, simplify your life by dealing with only one company as we also offer roll-off dumpsters, temporary fencing and street sweeping. 

Contact us today to schedule your next rental.



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