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What Are the Benefits of Renting a Portable Restroom for Your Tailgate?


If you are hosting a tailgate party, you want to keep your guests comfortable and happy. This need goes beyond great food and can sometimes include the need to rent a port-a-potty. There are many reasons why you will want to invest in a portable restroom rental before your next tailgate event.

Let’s get into the details.


Think about the last time you had to stand in a long line for the bathroom. In most cases, you may have become irritable while you waited, and no one wants unhappy guests.

In some cases, if you have a large crowd, guests may not even make it without an accident, which can be very embarrassing. Therefore, you should rent a port-a-potty for your guests. Everyone will stay happier, even if the wrong team is winning.

Keep People Outside

Renting a port-a-potty means less traffic tramping through your house. Especially if you only know some of the guests at a surface level, keeping them outside can be a great way to increase security. 

Even if you know everyone well, people walking through your home leads to more cleanup after the final touchdown. You will be tired after hosting your friends, so you will enjoy having one less area that needs cleaning,

The best part is, once your event is done and it’s time to clean out your portable restroom, Texas John’s technicians are on-call to perform maintenance and removal for you!

Less Water Use

If you were to decide to let everyone use the bathroom inside, you might get a shock when your water bill arrives. The average person uses about four gallons of water when they wash their hands, and the average commode requires about 1.6 gallons of water to flush it. 

Therefore, if you have 100 guests at your tailgating event and each person goes to the bathroom once, you will use an extra 560 gallons of water on average. That does not include washing all the towels people use to dry their hands. If you rent a port-a-potty, you’ll reduce your water usage and save more money for your next party!


A huge concern, especially after COVID, is sanitation. Not everyone who uses a bathroom at your tailgating event will be hygienically aware. Therefore, the bathrooms run the risk of becoming nasty, and your guests may not want to use them. 

Renting a port-a-potty makes more sense unless you are prepared to hire a person to monitor the bathroom. The more people at your party, the more port-a-potties you should rent. Also, rent portable hand washing stations to help guests keep clean.


Port-a-potties do not take up much space. Therefore, you will have plenty of room for other activities. 

Try designating a spot for each activity. For example, you may want a space for guests who wish to watch the game, who want to visit, and tables for those eating. 

Creating different areas helps guests move around your tailgating scene without getting in the way of someone else. Using temporary fencing from Texas Johns can help keep areas separated and safely distance your guests from the portable restrooms.

Ready for the Big Game? Let Texas Johns Help You Score Points With Your Guests!

When looking to complete a port-a-potty rental in Texas, contact Texas Johns. Our technicians can still meet your needs if the game falls on the weekend. We are proud to be a family-owned business and strive to pay attention to detail. Trust us to deliver and pick up units promptly, sometimes on the same day as your order.

Contact us today to learn more about our unit availability in your area.



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