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Creative Ways to Use Temporary Fencing During Winter


The winter months present unique fencing needs that standard yard fences simply can’t handle. From protecting vulnerable new landscaping to transforming your backyard into a secure dog run or hockey rink, temporary fencing offers versatile solutions when the temperatures drop.

Providing both security and functionality, temporary fences help you make the most of your property despite the cold weather. Let’s explore how temporary fencing can help you keep the holidays merry and bright.

Keep Your Property Secure During the Winter Months

During the winter, you may need some extra fencing solutions to keep your property and belongings safe and secure. From protecting landscape investments to securing a construction site, temporary fencing can serve a variety of unique purposes over the colder months. Texas John’s portable fencing rentals offer a versatile selection of temporary fencing options to meet your seasonal needs.

Create a Winter Dog Play Area

Don’t let cold weather coop your pups up all winter. Transform your backyard into a safe play area for dogs by installing temporary fencing around a designated zone. Use tall privacy fencing to prevent dogs from jumping out. Setting up a separate dog run lets pets play freely without trampling on frozen grass or landscaping. It also keeps dogs securely confined when you take them outside.

Protect Sensitive Areas from Foot Traffic

Crowds of people can damage frozen grass and landscaping, especially during popular winter events. Temp fencing helps redirect foot traffic away from off-limit areas. Use barricade fencing with stability feet to safely guide people to designated walkways. Stanchions and barrier tape also visually cue guests to avoid sensitive grassy areas and flower beds.

Secure a Construction Site

Windows of warmer weather make for prime construction time during the winter months. Yet excavated properties and tools need proper protection on site.

Setting up weather-resistant temporary fencing with a privacy screen keeps unauthorized people out. Make sure to have a lockable entrance to control access. Chain link fencing or wood panels are tall enough to keep people from climbing over. Proper fencing at a cold-weather construction site enhances safety measures and gives construction crews peace of mind.

Protect Trees from Animal Damage

Hungry, foraging animals pose a problem for tree bark and branches in winter. Deer, rabbits, rodents, and other critters gnaw on tree trunks once food becomes scarce. Keep animals away from landscaping investments by enclosing trees with wire fencing tubes or mesh barriers. Use zip ties to secure protective fencing around the base of trees. Pick mesh openings small enough to prevent rabbits and mice from getting through.

Rent Your Winter Fencing Solution from Texas John’s

Texas John’s provides a huge selection of temporary winter fencing options for rent in Dallas, Texas. Get the supplies you need for property protection this winter with Texas John’s hassle-free delivery services. Rent the exact fencing you need for the season without having to store equipment when finished with your project. Contact us today to learn more about our quality temporary fencing rental services.

We’re ready to help you keep your holidays jolly.



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