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Do You Need a Permit to Rent a Porta Potty?

Rental Porta Potties Need Permit For Event

Every event requires an accessible place for people to use the restroom. However, renting a porta-potty in Dallas and Fort Worth isn’t as simple as placing an order and waiting for your units.

In most cases, permits are necessary for a rental to be possible. At Texas Johns, we like to make portable restroom rentals as easy as possible. So, let’s take a look at different situations where a restroom requires a permit and when it doesn’t! 

Are You Renting for a Private or Public Event?

Before even considering a permit, the best first step is to examine where you’re hosting your event. The porta potty rental obligations between private and public locations are varied. Here’s some further insight into how to approach a rental at each type of venue.

Private Property

There are several ways to approach renting a portable restroom for a private residence. Owning the actual property where your event takes place is the easiest way to avoid needing a permit. The only requirement is that the porta-potty must be placed on the property, not just nearby.

Remember, sidewalk placement and units at the end of a driveway count as putting a portable restroom on public property. Placement in these areas requires a valid permit.

If you are renting a home or want to throw your event at someone else’s home and need a portable restroom, the situation becomes a little more complicated than outright ownership. You will need to acquire a letter of approval to place a porta-potty on the property. This letter of permission serves as a “permit” on private property and won’t require an actual application from city entities. 

Public Property

A public event is the most straightforward situation when the question of a permit arises for a porta-potty. 

If your event is hosted at a public location where the public is allowed to attend, you must apply for a permit in order to place portable restrooms on the property.

Examples of public properties that require a permit for portable restrooms include:

  • State Parks
  • Community Centers
  • Libraries
  • Government buildings
  • Streets
  • Curbs

Specifically, in the city of Fort Worth, any public outdoor gathering of 500 people or more will also require a portable restroom permit. This includes large events at public parks. 

In Dallas, this number is reduced to 100 people or more. So, if you know you have a public event in your future, it’s best to apply for your permit at least 60-days in advance to get on any city’s calendar.

Fort Worth Property Exceptions

While most Texas cities are rather strict when it comes to putting their foot down on permits, Fort Worth does offer some exceptions to the rules. If your event is held at any of these usually public locations, a permit is not required:

  • Church property
  • Educational institution
  • Colleges & universities
  • City-owned facilities
  • Events that hold a contract with the city

Make Sure Your Event is in the Clear, With Texas Johns

If you are planning an event for your family or workplace, make sure that your restroom needs are covered. Texas Johns can help you work through the permit process and guarantee ample units for those in attendance at your event.

Contact us today to learn more about our available units and how our team can make your gathering even more comfortable and clean.



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