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How Can Port-A-Potties Help During Disaster Relief?

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On September 28, 2022, Hurricane Ian became a category 4 hurricane, which later made landfall in southwest Florida first on Cayo Costa Island before moving inland, across Florida and dumping rain on other states up the east coastline. Georgia, North and South Carolina all deployed the hurricane preparedness plan.

The projected cost of Hurricane Ian is over $75 billion dollars. That is just one of the many disasters to occur in the United States this year.

There are tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, blizzards, fires, and severe storms every year that impact the wellbeing of affected communities. Disasters are a part of life, some come from nowhere, but others are predicted. All cities have emergency management for those that are forecasted and those that are unpredictable.

It is in the emergency management after the disaster that the importance of port-a-potties is evident.

Let’s explore how portable restrooms can help communities in need during a disaster relief effort.

People Have a Functional Place to Relieve Themselves

In tragedies such as these, people are displaced, homes are often inhabitable, and first responders swarm the area. Plumbing is most often compromised or completely unusable. One of the most important amenities in these situations is the portable restrooms. Port-a-potties provide a quick solution to a genuine problem.

Portable Restrooms Are Easy and Quick to Install

While residents rely on others for shelter, sleeping arrangements, finding clean water and food, emergency management provides disaster relief with rentals of temporary restrooms and sanitation areas.

Portable restroom rental companies like Texas Johns are well-versed in quick installation and can easily create accessible restroom stations throughout impacted areas.

Portable restrooms trailers and port-a-potties are mobile and easy to use. Facilities can be delivered quickly and set up is simple. This is important for all evacuees, volunteers, and responders. Maintenance products are available from Texas Johns to ensure that your potties stay clean and fresh.

Available Sanitation and Normalcy During Disastrous Times

Port-a-potties promote sanitation in an otherwise chaotic situation. Sanitation is a priority as people gather in shelters and rescue sites. When people make use of broken bathroom facilities, sanitation is a problem and disease can break out. Portable toilets are a necessity.

A luxury port-a-potty provides running water for washing hands and faces. The toilets can be flushed. Some portable restrooms have showers available, giving victims a place to clean up. A shower can make a difference in an evacuee’s day.

Port-a-potties and luxury portable restrooms are important in a disaster setting whether it is in a neighborhood, in a city setting or wherever people are gathering for food, rest, and clothing needs. It provides a private place to maintain the dignity of all people involved.

Provide Relief Where It’s Needed with Texas Johns

After a destructive tornado, port-a-potties are there. When floods leave a community homeless, portable restroom are there. When any disaster strikes the Lone Star State, Texas Johns is there to provide the necessary port-a-potties and restroom trailers to contribute to the emergency management plan.

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