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Should Your Fall Event Rent a Port-A-Potty or Luxury Restroom Trailer?


Autumn is the time of year we all want to get outside to enjoy the wonderful weather. What fall is all about is gathering with groups of friends or family to visit a pumpkin patch, go on a hayride, roast marshmallows, or go through a haunted house.

Unfortunately, inadequate bathrooms at an event can definitely suck the fun out of fall festivities.

Texas Johns should be your first thought when planning your autumn event. It is difficult to know how many port-a-potties you need or if a luxury restroom trailer would be your better option. At Texas Johns, we help you plan for complete comfort at any event.

What Are the Most Common Portable Restrooms Available in the Fall Season?

At Texas Johns, we aim to provide access to all types of port-a-potties year-round.

There are various types of portable restrooms on our roster, including wheelchair-accessible units.

A standard port-a-potty is a traditional rental for occasions like sporting events or school picnics.

Our Elite flushable unit with a sink has the standard features along with a foot-operated hand washing sink and a flushable toilet. The unit is 20% larger than the standard rental and can provide a boost of quality for your event.

The Handicap ADA-compliant restrooms have 16 square feet of interior space and are wheelchair accessible. It would be lax to not include a few of these for your guests in need.

Have a Larger Event in Mind? Try Our Luxury Restroom Trailers!

Texas Johns offers luxury portable restroom trailers for larger or more elegant events like corporate gatherings, music festivals, and weddings.

Our restroom trailers include a range of 2 to 10 restroom stalls per trailer. Each trailer has amenities you’d expect from a restroom, including sinks and mirrors.

They have fresh water, electricity, heating and/or AC. All sanitary supplies are included with your delivery. Each rental includes a 50’ hose for water hookup and a 50’ electrical cable for 20-amp hookup.

Keep Your Event Configurations in Mind

Choosing the right bathroom configuration for your event is important. You must consider the type of event, available utilities, the number of expected guests, the size of your venue, and the expected weather.

Portable restrooms occupy less space than luxury restroom trailers. They also can be positioned throughout various points of your venue if it is large. Luxury restrooms require a little more space and can also be throughout the venue but must have available water and electricity.

If there are extreme weather conditions, the luxury trailer may be your best bet. They have both AC/heat and are weather resistant. Port-a-potties do not hold up to muddy situations very well.

If your event will take place at night, the luxury restroom trailers feature indoor lighting whereas the portable restrooms do not.

Which is More Cost-Effective?

Port-a-potties are more cost-effective. If you are hosting an upscale event, like a wedding, where guests will be dressed in finer clothing, spending more on a restroom trailer would be your better decision.

Fall events like outdoor concerts, haunted attractions, and fairs are typically more casual, so a portable potty may be the best choice.

How Much Will You Use Your Restrooms?

Another thing to consider is the volume of usage. Portable restroom trailers can accommodate nearly twice the amount of traffic as a standard port-a-potty before needing to be maintained. They stay fresh longer and have more sanitary amenities.

People do tend to stay longer in a nicer restroom to wash up, enjoy the AC or heat, and check the mirror for hair and makeup. The standard portable restroom is great for getting patrons in and out quickly.

Planning a Fall Event in Texas, Let Texas Johns Handle Your Sanitation Needs

When planning your Dallas, Texas fall event, plan for your restrooms considering all factors. If you have any questions about the rental process or your specific needs, Texas Johns will be happy to advise you about the appropriate portable restrooms for your event. Contact us today to get your porta-potty rental started.



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