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How Can Porta Potty Rentals Signal Economic Recovery?

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Let’s face it; the Texas economy has recently had a rough run. While you may track economic recovery through news updates and gas prices, sometimes taking a look around at porta potties in your area is a key indicator of economic success.

We know that sounds strange but hear us out! Let’s take a closer look at four ways porta potty rentals signify that our economy is on the verge of an upturn.

Community Availability

Many big cities like Dallas and Austin utilize porta potty rentals to help keep streets cleaner, encourage public sanitation practices and give homeless community members a safe place to relieve themselves.

Porta-potty rentals scattered throughout the city are long-term investments requiring a healthy city budget. So, it’s no surprise that local authorities start cutting costs on community portable restrooms when finances are tight.

If you suddenly start to notice more public restroom availability throughout major cities in Texas, this is a sign that the local economy is improving and the benefits will only continue to grow.

A Rise in Corporate Events

During financially difficult times, businesses need to save money wherever possible. Unfortunately, this usually cuts down on large-scale corporate celebrations, outings, and rewards for the hard work employees put into a brand.

A better economy allows businesses to loosen their belts and thank employees for everything they do.

Where corporate events rise, so do the need for portable restroom rentals. Both of these items go hand-in-hand with the rise of a more flourishing economy.

Increased Luxury Trailer Rentals

6, 8, and 10 stall luxury trailer rentals from Texas Johns are some of the most popular choices for family reunions or wedding celebrations during financially stable times.

Luxury portable restroom trailers from Texas Johns come equipped with:

  • HVAC capabilities
  • Electricity
  • Running water
  • Private stalls
  • All amenities you’d expect from a standard restroom

While these features are desirable, they do make luxury rentals a few steps above the standard porta-potty.

During tough times, luxury gets scaled back and celebrating life events can be rare.

However, as you recognize people become more comfortable with throwing large events, take note of the restroom availability. If the event is in a rural location without on-site restrooms and you find yourself using a restroom trailer, there’s a good chance that economic prosperity is just around the corner.

Wait Lists on Porta Potty Rentals

When people have more money, it’s likely they are ready to spend it. If you personally find yourself in a healthy financial situation, you may be tempted to celebrate life, host large events, and ensure your guests receive everything they need for a great time.

Regarding events, this usually involves portable restroom rentals. If you reach out to a rental company and find yourself on a waitlist for the porta-potties you need, this is a sign that others are experiencing prosperity and the local economy as a whole could be on the mend as spending increases.

Schedule Your Next Portable Restroom Rental Today With Texas Johns

If you are ready to host your next big event and need portable restrooms for your guests, let Texas Johns help!

Our porta-potty rentals are easy, stress-free and give your guests the cleanest portable restroom experience possible.

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