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How Does a Crane Lift Port-a-Potty work?

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A crane lifts port-a-potty, also known as a crane portable toilet, is a pretty fascinating type of portable restroom designed to be lifted and moved around by a crane. There isn’t a limit to the ways they can be used, but they’re seen most often at construction sites or other locations where our standard portable toilets wouldn’t be practical or safe. 

What You’re Getting

The crane lift port-a-potty has a reinforced steel frame that can withstand the weight of the unit plus the lifting forces of the crane. It’s designed to provide stability and prevent the unit from swinging or spinning during the lift.

The unit itself is a self-contained restroom including a toilet, urinal, sink, and hand sanitizer dispenser. Some models also include a mirror and/or coat hook. The unit is designed to be easy to clean and maintain, with non-porous surfaces, removable waste tank, and other helpful features.

How They’re Used

To use a crane lift port-a-potty, the unit is first lifted by a crane and placed in the desired location. Once in place, the unit is connected to a waste tank and a water source. The waste tank is typically located on the ground and can be easily emptied and cleaned.

One of the main advantages of a crane lift port-a-potty is that it can be used in locations where standard portable toilets can’t be. Think of a construction site on a steep slope or in a narrow alleyway: a crane lift port-a-potty can be lifted and placed in a more accessible location. Most interestingly, they can be lifted to the upper floors of buildings in progress, or to areas that are difficult to reach by other means.

The Places They Can Go

Here are a few creative uses we’ve seen for crane lift port-a-potties.

Elevated Restroom for Events

A crane lift port-a-potty can be used as an elevated restroom for outdoor events like concerts, festivals, and fairs. By lifting it with a crane, you clear more space on the grounds and create a unique, comfortable experience for your guests.

Construction Sites

Construction sites can lack access to restrooms, but using a crane lift port-a-potty can provide a convenient and safe place for workers to take a break and use the facilities without scaling a building or building site. This means greater safety, convenience, and comfort.

Remote Locations

A crane lift port-a-potty is great as a mobile restroom for remote locations such as hiking trails or the wilderness. Lifting it with a crane means you can avoid disturbing the natural environment while providing a comfortable experience for visitors to the great outdoors.

High-Rise Rooftop

High-rise buildings often lack restrooms on upper floors, but these units can be lifted up to the rooftop for a convenient and safe place for employees or guests to use the facilities.

Unique Advertising

A crane lift port-a-potty can be wrapped with your company’s advertising or branding to create a unique advertising platform that can then be lifted and placed in and over high-traffic areas. This can be a great way to promote your brand or product memorably while providing comfortable facilities. Think of it as a billboard with an extra helpful purpose.

Emergency and Disaster Relief

In the aftermath of a natural disaster, restroom access can be severely limited. A crane lift port-a-potty can become an emergency restroom in disaster relief situations, providing a safe and sanitary place for people to use the facilities and placed exactly where it needs to be.

Call on Texas Johns for your Port-A-Potty Needs

Our crane lift port-a-potties provide a convenient and practical solution for temporary restroom needs in challenging locations, but that’s not all we offer. Dallas is a thriving city with tons of development going up all the time. All those worksites deserve safe, hygienic restrooms. Trust Texas Johns to provide you with quality portable restrooms and handwashing stations for your bathroom areas.

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