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Important Environmental Benefits of Portable Restrooms

Although Earth Day isn’t until April 22, we believe it is never too early to start keeping your local ecosystem clean. Did you know that by renting porta potties from Texas Johns you are helping to preserve Mother Nature as well as creating comfortable restrooms for your event guests?

Take a look at these four environmental benefits that should encourage you to go with a portable restroom for your next big outdoor event.

Portable Restrooms Help Prevent the Spread of Disease

When outdoor events don’t have proper restroom availability, there is always the threat of disease spreading in the area. Human waste that is freely spread around the great outdoors has the dangerous potential to:

  • Contaminate local water supplies
  • Harm the surrounding wildlife
  • Spread disease to people in the vicinity

Even if you think doing your business far off in the wilderness won’t bring disease to the doorstep of your party, you’d be wrong. Fecal diseases can easily spread through the paws, hooves, and even insects.

Using a portable restroom can keep waste secure, contained, and away from the Earth we need to protect.

Water Conservation is Key to Our Products

Saving our local water supply is key to successful conservation. Using portable restrooms at your events can help us take a huge step forward in our efforts. Most portable restrooms don’t require the need to flush and use up water. Even the units that have the flushing amenity involved in their use only require around 1.6 gallons of water per flush. This is huge conservation when compared to the standard 6 gallons of water per flush.

Amenities Help Keep You and the Earth Healthy

When it comes to Earth Day, we also realize that this involves protecting us, its human inhabitants. Take advantage of some of our portable restroom amenities and keep your bodies healthy in preparation for this special day.

Some porta potties come equipped with full washing stations or portable sanitation areas. The sanitation industry is what has contributed to the near elimination of waterborne disease in the United States. Help us keep our reputation high by using our amenities to your benefit.

Portable Restrooms Prevent Toxic Runoff

Waste that stems from farms negatively contributes to the algal blooms that tear oxygen from our ocean’s ecosystems. On top of that, this toxic runoff is what makes many of our local bodies of water unsafe for recreational use. By renting a portable restroom, you are promoting excellent sanitation practices in areas that would usually become impacted due to lack of restrooms in the area.

Prepare for a Green Earth Day with Texas Johns

At your next family reunion or spring wedding, take the class a step further and make a positive change in your environment. Texas Johns is proud to offer portable restrooms at a fair rental price that will fit all needs and party sizes. Let your guests take comfort in knowing that you have provided them with the cleanest portable restrooms available in Dallas. Contact us today to schedule your next portable restroom order.



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