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The Ultimate Outdoor Party Rental Sanitation Checklist

Throwing a massive outdoor bash in Dallas? Don’t let sanitation be an afterthought! Trust Texas Johns to help keep your event fun and clean. We understand how crucial cleanliness is to the success of any outdoor event.

This checklist will help you create a comfortable and hygienic environment for your guests, making sure Texas Johns is your go-to partner for outdoor party rentals.

Step 1: Assess Your Sanitation Essentials

First, the basics. 

Porta-Potties or Trailers 

The backbone of outdoor sanitation. Estimate one porta-potty for every 50 guests. Consider upgrading to restroom trailers for longer events or a touch of luxury. Texas Johns offers both porta potty rental and portable restroom trailer rental options.

Hand Hygiene Stations

Germs spread quickly at parties. Provide ample portable hand washing stations or rent hand sanitizer dispensers. Place stations near restrooms, food areas, and high-traffic zones. 

Temporary Fencing

Define event boundaries and direct guest flow with temporary fencing rental options. This can also help manage lines for restrooms and food vendors.

Waste Management

Depending on the scale of your party, dumpster rentals or roll-off dumpster rentals could be necessary. Keep the area tidy and prevent overflow.

Step 2: Calculating Your Rental Needs

Use this handy formula to determine how many of each item you’ll need:

  • Porta Potties: (Number of guests) / 50 = (Number of porta potties needed)
  • Hand Washing Stations: (Number of guests) / 75 = (Number of hand washing stations needed)
  • Hand Sanitizer Dispensers: Supplement handwashing stations, aiming for one dispenser per porta potty and additional high-traffic area dispensers.
  • Temporary Fencing: Consider crowd control, not just perimeter needs. Estimate linear footage for queuing areas and sectioning off service zones.

Step 3: Location, Location, Location

Strategic placement is essential for sanitation success! Consider these factors when choosing the best spots for your facilities:

Porta-Potty Location

Choose well-lit areas that are easy to find and access but still offer privacy. Place units on level ground to ensure stability and convenience.

Keep restrooms at a reasonable distance from food vendors, dining areas, and main event spaces to minimize odors and maintain a pleasant atmosphere.

Position porta-potties with enough surrounding space for service trucks to easily access the units for cleaning and waste removal.

Hand Washing Stations

Place handwashing stations or sanitizer dispensers near restrooms, food vendors, and any areas where guests might handle shared items (games, activities, etc.).

Use clear signage and bright colors to make stations easy to spot.

Dumpsters and Waste

Locate dumpsters and trash receptacles away from guest areas to control odors and maintain a clean look for your event.

Make sure service vehicles have clear access for trash pickup to avoid disruptions.

For larger events, consider placing multiple smaller trash receptacles throughout the event area to encourage guests to dispose of trash responsibly.

Step 4: Don’t Forget the Extras

Of course, to make your event extra-special, you want to go the extra mile. Consider these thoughtful touches for a truly memorable and comfortable guest experience.


Soft ambient lighting in gathering areas creates a welcoming atmosphere. Consider string lights, lanterns, or candles (if safe and appropriate).

Illuminate walkways and steps, especially at night, with subtle lighting to ensure safety and a touch of elegance.

Well-lit restrooms offer comfort and practicality. Opt for bright, overhead lighting mixed with warmer accents near mirrors.


Stock restrooms with plenty of the essentials: toilet paper, soap refills, and paper towels. Place these items in visible and easy-to-reach locations.

Consider providing small baskets with a few extras: hand lotion, tissues, feminine hygiene products, and individually wrapped mints.

Regular Service

For events running over several days, schedule regular cleaning and restocking with your portable restroom provider. This ensures guest comfort and hygiene throughout your event.

Increase the frequency of service in high-traffic restrooms to maintain a standard of cleanliness.

Texas Johns | Your Outdoor Event Partners

A clean and hygienic outdoor party makes for happy guests and great memories. Partnering with Texas Johns for your outdoor party rentals ensures top-notch sanitation solutions and takes the hassle out of waste management. With our range of porta-potty rentals, restroom trailers, hand washing stations, hand sanitizer stations, temporary fencing rentals, and dumpster rentals, we’ve got your event covered!

Ready to elevate your outdoor party experience? Contact Texas Johns today for a personalized rental quote, and let us do the dirty work!



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