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The key to a successful special event requires attention to detail. Preparing your event with the correct quantity and type of sanitation facilities is critical to a successful event. Extensive research has proven that guests spend more time and money at outdoor events with proper sanitary facilities readily available. This is why choosing the right portable toilet rental service is so important.

Planning for Your Event Rental Needs

The selection and placement of portable restrooms, hand wash sinks, and luxury comfort stations will impact the attendance, profitability, and public review regarding your social event. Special Events preparations begin by evaluating the following:

  • Number of expected attendees
  • Duration of event
  • Consumption of food and/or beverages
  • Service requirements to maintain clean sanitary conditions

Our team of Special Event Advisors will work with you to plan a successful and memorable event. We can help you plan and review logistics for proper sanitation facilities, placement, recommended services, fence installation, and event pickups. Temporary fencing is available for proper securing of your surrounding event. Our reliability and consistency have earned us the reputation of delivering premium service to the special event industry.


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When you plan a special event, you’ll spend time on many different facets including the food, the décor, the parking, and the invitations (if the event requires them). However, one of the most important considerations of a successful event is getting the right number of portable toilets for your festival, party, wedding, or other occasions. Working with the right portable toilet events rental service is also key to hosting a successful special event.

Portable Sanitation Questions

Planning an event means catering to the comfort of your guests, and a big concern for many people is whether there will be any facilities available at the event. Secondly, your guests will wonder about the type of facilities. Will you provide standard porta potties? Will they be clean?

Here are a few questions you’ll need to ask yourself as you plan:

  1. How many people will attend your event?
  2. What will be the duration of your event?
  3. Will people eat and drink during the occasion?
  4. What type of event are you hosting (fancy, casual, etc.)?

Answering these basic questions will help you decide how many portable restrooms you’ll need, as well as the type of facilities that will suit your event best. You might want to provide some basic, clean porta-potties for guests at an outdoor barbecue festival. However, a wedding might require upgraded portable restrooms that offer guests enough space to turn around while wearing fine clothing.

Planning is Easy with Texas Johns

There’s no need to guess how many toilets you need for your event. As long as you have a good idea of the number of people who will attend, as well as the duration of your event, we can come up with an accurate count for the number of portable restrooms, porta-potties, or hand-washing stations that are necessary for your event. For example, if you expect 500 guests for your wedding reception that will take place over the course of four hours, you’ll probably need around five portable restrooms. On the other hand, if you’re hosting a major festival where you expect 20,000 attendees for a full day of revelry, you’ll need to provide around 200 toilets for guests.

We take our job of supplying quality and sanitary portable toilets very seriously because we know how important good facilities are for a successful special event. We don’t want you to worry about the comfort of your guests at your wedding reception, and we want people to feel excited and enthusiastic about attending your music festival.

Working with Texas Johns for your portable sanitation needs means placing your confidence in the Texas leader for portable toilets. We offer experience and a friendly crew of Special Event Advisors who will make sure you get the right number of potties for your special event. We’ll handle delivery of the sanitation facilities, their proper placement, and any servicing the units require. We’ll take care of all the logistics and will even help with temporary fencing for securing your event. Ensure the success of your special event and let someone else worry about the portable sanitation. Get in touch with Texas Johns for information on how we can help with your portable toilet events rental.


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