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5 Investment Mistakes Street Sweeping Services Help You Avoid

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Construction sites quickly build up debris. Keeping the worksite clean is more than keeping trash in roll-off dumpsters. Construction zones carry dirt and debris into the local roadways which can leave streets dirty and dangerous. Interfering with traffic due to road build up or obstructing water run-off isn’t only messy; it can be costly in terms of fines.

Street sweeping is a large part of general construction site maintenance that should never be forgotten.

Regardless of how conscious you are of keeping the nearby roadways free of dirt, it is an unavoidable consequence of construction. But do you need to invest in purchasing a street sweeper? Will that street sweeper meet all your needs at every construction location?

The answer is a clear no and no. It is a better idea and easier process to rent street sweeping services from Texas Johns.

Purchasing your own street sweeper is intimidating. There are several mistakes you can make that will, in the end, cost you time and money.

Mistake #1: Not Knowing Your Street Sweeping Needs

This is a problem because not every job site has the same demands. Not all street sweepers are the same. They differ in speed, disposal, and truck style.

There are determining factors for each street sweeping job. How fast does it need to go? How much area will the sweeper cover? Where will it be used? How far away will your sweeper be from your construction site? What about disposal? Will it be used more than once a day?

These are some of the questions that must be answered before a purchase. Simply going out and investing in a street sweeper never guarantees you’ll be able to successfully meet your site’s cleaning needs.

Mistake #2: Not Having a Skilled Operator

A trained and skilled operator must use the sweeper. It must be user friendly or else you will be spending more time in training multiple users to operate it. Time and money will be saved by using a street sweeping rental service.

Mistake #3: Lack of Research

If you do not take the time to get the right equipment for your job site, your purchase may be futile. If you are not familiar with the various versions available, you will need to set aside time to explore the numerous sweeping vehicles available in the market.

You want to ensure your sweeper will be suitable to your project, and for all of your sites.

Renting street sweeping services from Texas Johns helps you save research time, as we will be able to quickly determine your street sweeping needs and deliver flawless services.

Mistake 4: Purchasing an Out-of-Date Street Sweeper

Technology is in constant change and this technology makes its way into modern equipment. Some sweepers are more versatile than others. With the more modern equipment, and a fleet of sweepers to chose from, you are guaranteed to get the right street sweeper for your requirements.

Mistake #5 Not Calling Texas Johns for Your Construction Street Sweeping Needs

Keeping the site’s nearby roadways as free and clear as possible of dirt and debris make the neighbors, municipality, and the environment happy. When Texas Johns improves the cleanliness of your job site, it leaves a good visual impression for all who drive by and see your construction signage.

Let us help you leave a memorable and cleaner impression on your community.

Avoid the negative effects of an unclean construction site, contact Texas Johns to clean up your location and sweep away those ugly consequences today!




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