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Guide To Hiring A Construction Street Sweeper


Construction sites naturally generate a large amount of dust, debris, and potentially hazardous materials. Maintaining the cleanliness of the area — and the surrounding roads — is essential for safety, compliance, and overall project success. A professional construction street sweeper service offers a powerful solution.

What Is Street Sweeping?

Street sweeping involves utilizing specialized trucks equipped with brooms, vacuums, and water systems to clear roads and paved surfaces. Construction street sweepers are designed to handle the heavier debris loads common to construction, such as gravel, sand, nails, or broken concrete.

Safety Benefits of Using a Construction Street Sweeper

A clean construction site is a safe one. Here’s why hiring a construction street sweeper is crucial:

Reduce Dust and Airborne Hazards. Dust can cause eye and respiratory irritation and can even result in serious health problems like silicosis. Street sweepers control dust, keeping workers safe.

Minimize Slip-and-Fall Risks. Debris left on roads and around worksites creates slipping and tripping hazards. Construction street sweepers remove potential obstacles ensuring safer footing.

Improved Visibility. Clearing away debris from access roads improves visibility for both workers and drivers, lessening the risk of accidents.

Prevent Damage to Vehicles. Sharp debris scattered across the site or nearby roadways poses a puncture risk to tires. Routine street sweeping prevents these costly incidents.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Street Sweeper?

Construction street sweeper costs vary depending on several factors. Project size and the volume of debris naturally play a role — larger jobs with heavier debris loads will be more expensive. The frequency of service impacts the price too, as regularly scheduled sweeping often earns volume discounts compared to one-time cleanings. 

The type of sweeper required is also important. Mechanical broom sweepers are suitable for basic jobs, regenerative air sweepers handle heavier debris and finer particles, and vacuum sweepers offer the most powerful cleaning. Naturally, the size of the sweeper matters as well.  

Many other factors can also influence cost, like disposal fees (especially for hazardous materials), labor costs, travel time to your site, and whether the service is performed during off-peak hours. 

Finally, contractor rates vary between companies, and your location can even play a role. It’s essential to get quotes from several providers to compare pricing.

To get the best possible price, clearly define your needs regarding the size of the area to be swept,  the type and amount of debris, and your required frequency of service.  Get quotes from at least three contractors, being specific about your project, and clarify what’s included in their price. If you’re seeking ongoing service, you may have room to negotiate a better rate.

Hire the Best Construction Street Sweeper in Austin, Texas

When selecting a construction street sweeper service in Austin, TX, consider Texas Johns. Our track record, experience, and commitment to safety make us a top choice. We offer:

  • Versatile sweeper fleet: Adaptable to handle any job size.
  • Flexible scheduling: Accommodate your project timeline.
  • Competitive rates: Providing excellent value for the service.
  • Additional sanitation services: They cover all your site’s needs.


Hiring a professional construction street sweeper isn’t just a wise idea — it’s about safeguarding your workers, complying with regulations, and protecting the public. Contact Texas Johns today for your construction street sweeper needs in Austin, TX.  Ensure a cleaner, safer, and more efficient worksite and reach out today!



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