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How to Boost the Comfort Factor of Your Port-A-Potties

Luxury Women's Restroom

Portable restrooms aren’t exactly known for being the most comfortable places in the world. In fact, when they aren’t managed well, they can be an uncomfortable nightmare that lives up to the several misconceptions people have about port-a-potties.

Whenever you host an event, you want the state of your portable restrooms to provide a positive experience that leaves people remembering your great hosting and not your uncomfortable restroom options. 

At Texas John’s, we aim to provide the premier portable restroom experience for Texas rentals.

Let’s look into how you can ensure your portable restrooms are up to the comfort standards of even your choosiest guests.

How to Keep Your Event’s Portable Restrooms Comfortable

So, what are some of the easiest ways to make your event’s restroom a hit? Here are some tips from your local provider, Texas Johns.

Hire the Right Rental Company

The perfect rental company is the first step toward ensuring your portable restrooms are comfortable. You want a company that has a stellar reputation regarding how they set up their portable restrooms and how often/well they maintain them. 

Although portable restrooms should be serviced once a week, life happens, and sometimes you’ll need extra maintenance to keep operations clean and sanitary. Ensure your rental company offers on-call maintenance services and can help you when you need it.

Also, when selecting a rental company, make sure that they can properly place your restrooms for added comfort. A reliable portable restroom rental company can install restrooms in sunnier, warmer spaces that will create some natural comfort during daytime use.

Go Luxury if You Can Afford It

If your event has a broader budget and you know you can afford to go beyond the standard port-a-potty, renting luxury restroom trailers presents the ultimate comfort for your guests.

Restroom trailers offer all of the amenities you’d find in a standard restroom and are perfect for sites with little or no restroom availability.

Our restroom trailers range between 2 and 10 stalls, come equipped with heaters built into the units for maximum comfort, and have fully flushable toilets and usable sinks.

Keep it Smelling Fresh

Stinky port-a-potties are never a welcome experience. Fortunately, there are two easy and safe ways to keep your restrooms smelling great with minimal effort. First, have some restroom spray on-hand. Guests can use this spray after the restroom and mitigate lingering odors.

You can also invest in some automatic spray fresheners. These small sprayers are battery operated and can be set to spray at intervals of your choosing.


Finally, one of the easiest ways to make your portable restrooms more welcoming is to dress them up a bit. Including colorful soap options, towels and even a small rug in the restroom can go a long way to making a rural restroom feel a little more homey.

Ready for a Comfortable Portable Restroom Rental? Texas Johns can Help!

Your next big event deserves the best portable restrooms Texas has to offer. At Texas Johns, our portable restrooms are known for their cleanliness, comfort, and wide selection.

We’re ready to help make your gathering a clean and memorable experience. Contact us today to learn more about our portable restrooms, portable fencing, dumpster rentals, and more.



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