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What Determines the Cost of a Portable Restroom Rental?

Flushable Portable Restrooms In Dallas

When organizing an event, you have numerous things to consider. You need to plan for the number of expected guests, food, drink, décor, entertainment, weather, parking and, of course, restroom facilities.

Research has shown that guests will spend more time and money at an outdoor event when proper sanitary facilities are easily available. Taking that fact into your planning, there is still a budget to keep in mind. What factors decide what your port-a-potties will cost?

The Type of Event

First of all, what type of event are you hosting? Is it formal like a wedding or casual like a music festival? What food and drink will your guests be partaking in?

If your community festival centers around food and drink, remember that this will increase the number of visits to the facilities.

There are different choices of portable restrooms. If you are hosting a more formal event, you may desire a restroom trailer that offers a sink with running water and stairs with handrails. If you event leans casual, standard port-a-potties may be what your event needs. Especially with quick convenience, the standard portable restroom will service large crowds.

The type of event you have will determine what types of restrooms you need. Different types of portable restroom rentals come at different costs.

How Large is the Guest List?

Next to consider is how many guests do you expect? How long is your event?

These two factors determine how many portable restrooms you need. Texas Johns provides a basic chart that includes the number of people expected at your special occasion and the duration of the festivities. This is a generalized chart aimed at helping you plan. We have a team of Special Event Advisors that will collaborate with you to plan a successful event.

Portable Restroom Placement

Where will you be placing your portable restrooms? This is important concerning the cleanliness and maintenance of your port-a-potty rentals. It is best to place the portable potties on a level surface, preferably a firm surface like black top or concrete.

If the restrooms are difficult to get to for the delivery, maintenance and removal, cost will likely increase.

Weather Conditions

What season or weather will be expected? This is important when considering servicing and maintaining the rental potties. This also effects placement. You do not want your portable restrooms in a slick or muddy environment. Any additional cleaning that must be done by our crew will add costs to your port-a-potty budget.

Servicing Needs

Lastly, what type of servicing for your portable restrooms would you like? Texas Johns includes standard maintenance in our contracts. Any additional services are available, but at a cost.

Events that last over several days will need servicing. It is vital to keep your portable restrooms as clean as possible for your guests’ health and safety.

Ready to Plan Out Your Next Rental? Texas Johns can Help!

Texas Johns is happy to talk with you to plan your next big outdoor event. Pricing can be simplified when all factors are taken into consideration. We will ask you all the pertinent questions and help you to make the best decision to fit your occasion and your budget. Contact us to start the rental process.



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