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Porta Potty Predicaments | The Ultimate Emergency Survival Guide


Portable toilets are modern marvels, providing convenience and sanitation in situations where traditional plumbing is a distant dream — outdoor concerts, construction zones, or camping excursions. However, as with everything in life, there’s always the potential for problems to pop up during a porta potty rental. Let’s dive into the most common porta potty challenges and how to survive them.

Common Porta Potty Mistakes: Prevention is Key

Avoiding common porta potty mistakes is crucial and prevention is the key. To ensure a pleasant and hygienic experience for all, take a look at these common mistakes:

Mistake #1: Not Enough Portable Toilets

Never underestimate how often people need to use the restroom!  Not having enough portable toilets is a recipe for endless lines, frustrated guests, and, worst case scenario, unsanitary situations around your event area.

The Fix: Provide at least one porta potty per 50 people. For events lasting several hours or where food and beverages are served, up the ratio for maximum comfort.

Mistake #2: Location, Location, Location

Porta potties tucked away in dark corners or too far from the action are often underutilized. On the flip side, no one enjoys having their bathroom break on display.

The Fix: Find the sweet spot—porta potties should be visible, accessible, and in well-lit areas. A little privacy with screens or strategic placement goes a long way.

Mistake #3: Neglecting the Porta Potty Essentials

Just when you need it most—no toilet paper!  Bare minimum supplies lead to unpleasant experiences no one wants to repeat.

The Fix: Always do a thorough inventory check before the event. Stock a well-supplied backup kit. Handwashing stations with soap and water are the gold standard, but hand sanitizer is an acceptable substitute. Remember, always make sanitizing your portable restrooms a personal priority.

Porta Potty Emergencies: What To Do

In the event of a porta potty emergency, stay calm, assess the situation, and take appropriate action to resolve the issues quickly and effectively. Let’s take a look at what emergencies can arise and how to resolve them.

Emergency #1: The Porta Potty Overflow

An overflowing porta potty is a biohazard waiting to happen.

The Fix: Alert the event organizers or rental company immediately! This is not a DIY problem.

Emergency #2: Tipped Porta Potty

Extreme weather, uneven terrain, or plain old rowdiness can tip a porta potty on its side and it turns into a smelly, dangerous mess.

The Fix: If safe, attempt to life the unit. If the porta potty is damaged or unsafe, immediately notify event staff and secure the area to prevent anyone from entering.

Emergency #3: Trapped Inside A Porta Potty

In some cases, malfunctioning locks or latches could leave you in a tight spot and become locked inside the porta potty.

The Fix: Stay calm! Yell, bang, or signal for help. If all else fails, carefully see if you can push the door open or gently dislodge the hinges.

Pro Tips for a Pleasant Porta Potty Experience

  • B.Y.O. Supplies: A small emergency kit with toilet paper, wipes, and hand sanitizer will save the day when supplies inevitably run low.
  • Beat the Rush: Arrive at events early for the freshest, least-used units.
  • Light Your Way: A flashlight or headlamp is crucial for nighttime usage.
  • Hands-Free is Best: Use your foot to operate the flush mechanism if possible.

Important Note

If a porta potty is damaged, excessively dirty, or presents a safety hazard, don’t hesitate! Report the issue to Texas Johns or event staff. They’re the ones responsible for upkeep and emergency replacements.

Texas Johns | Your Texas Porta Potty Partner

Porta potties might not have a glamorous reputation, but by understanding the potential pitfalls and taking some simple precautions, you’ll ensure your own experiences are as comfortable as possible.

When you need reliable, clean, and well-stocked porta potties for your next event, construction project, or backyard get-together, Texas Johns has you covered. We offer a range of unit sizes, prompt delivery, and the absolute best in customer service. Don’t let porta potty disasters ruin your event — contact Texas Johns today!



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