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Secrets of the Porta Potty


Welcome, throne-seekers and festival warriors! 

Before you flee in terror at the sight of a blue plastic portal, slow down! This is not your average porta-potty pep talk. We’re here to dispel the myths, demystify the porcelain palaces, and crown you the undisputed ruler of your next outdoor adventure.

Whether you’re braving a music festival, throwing the backyard bash of the century, or simply need a temporary throne for your construction crew, Texas Johns is your royal escort to the land of porta-potty rentals. We’re here to answer your burning questions and share tips that’ll turn your porta-potty experience from a dreaded chore to a surprisingly pleasant pit stop.

So buckle up, grab your hand sanitizer (we’ll explain why later), and get ready to dive into the Porta Potty Chronicles, where myths get busted and etiquette reigns. 

Let’s get this throne-room tour started!

Myth Busters: Porta Potty Edition

Ah, the humble porta potty. Often the butt of jokes, these unsung heroes of outdoor events deserve a PR makeover. Let’s dispel some of the most persistent poo-stained myths:

Myth #1: They’re Dens of Disease

False! Modern porta potties are regularly serviced and disinfected, often surpassing the hygiene standards of some permanent restrooms. Think stainless steel tanks and chemical warfare-grade sanitation solutions.

Myth #2: They Always Smell Like a Sewer

Not true! Sure, neglected porta potties can be olfactory assaults, but reputable rental companies maintain their fleet religiously. Plus, many come equipped with odor-neutralizing chemicals and vent systems.

Myth #3: They Tip Over Way Too Easily

While wind can be a wobbly foe, quality porta potties are surprisingly hefty and designed for stability. Just ensure your placement is on a flat and sturdy, preferably, concrete surface.

Myth #4: You Might Get Trapped

Doors are secured from the inside, often with double locks for extra peace of mind. Escape hatches? A myth, but a funny one.

Porta Potty 101: A User’s Guide

So you’ve been invited to a festival held in a field. Nature calls, and the only answer is a blue plastic beacon. Don’t panic! Embrace your inner throne-sitter with these pro tips:

Choosing Your Throne

  • Standard vs. Handicapped: Assess your needs and choose accordingly. ADA-compliant units offer wider space and grab bars.
  • Hand Washing Station: Locate them before you enter the porta potty. Germs don’t respect royal titles.
  • Toilet Paper Check: Don’t be caught empty-handed! Check the dispenser before settling in. Tissue hoarding is frowned upon.

Porta Potty Etiquette

Porta-potty etiquette refers to the courteous and respectful behaviors expected from individuals when using portable toilets. Adhering to porta-potty etiquette helps maintain cleanliness, hygiene, and a pleasant experience for everyone. Here are a few recommended practices to follow:

Leave it Cleaner Than You Found it

Spills happen, but clean them up! Pack wet wipes for minor mishaps. Treat the next user like you’d treat yourself (aka, royalty).

Mind the Door

Knock? Nah. But firmly announce your presence before entering. Privacy matters, even in a plastic palace.

Keep it Brief

Linger not, in a portable restroom. Remember, others await their turn on the porcelain throne.

Bonus Tips

Pack hand sanitizer or rent one of Texas Johns’s hand sanitizer stations or bring a travel-sized air freshener. A little preparation goes a long way in the kingdom of porta-potties.

Texas Johns Port Potties Are Perfect For Your Next Event

Next time you see a porta potty, don’t flip. Approach it with respect, follow these guidelines, and you might just discover these comfort stations aren’t as scary as people make them out to be. In fact, the porta-potty might even become your go-to throne at the next outdoor adventure! 

From standard porta potty units to luxury restroom trailers, Texas Johns has the perfect option for your needs. And with our dedicated sanitation services and commitment to hygiene, you can rest assured your guests will leave with a satisfied smile.

Remember, when it comes to porta potties, choose the company that takes its business seriously, but knows how to make it fun. Choose Texas Johns, and reign supreme over your next event!

Contact us today to start your next porta-potty rental!



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