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12.31.19 •  How Many Porta Potties Do You Really Need?

From large events to lengthy construction projects, your staff and guests are going to need a place to comfortably use the restroom. Porta potty rentals are an affordable option, but ordering too many could bust your budget, and too few could leave you with disgruntled guests. Hitting the sweet spot with a portable restroom rental is essential. Here are some ways you can examine just exactly how many porta potties you need for your plans. What is the Length and Crowd Expectancy of Your Event? The length of your event matters when it comes to the number of portable restrooms…


12.16.19 •  Top Reasons Your Events will Need a Portable Toilet in 2020

2020 is set to be a year full of celebrations and events where guests will need a reliable space to use the restroom. Give your Farmersville event the detail of comfort it needs with portable toilet rentals from Texas Johns. If you are still planning on leaving the restroom space at your family gathering or corporate event up to chance, keep these five reasons for renting a portable restroom in mind before your 2020 details are ironed out.  Portable Toilet Rentals Reduce Foot Traffic  A large outdoor family gathering at the home may be fun, but, let’s face it, the…


11.26.19 •  5 Ways to Give Your Porta Potty Rental a Facelift

Even though we offer comfort suite restroom trailers as rental options, we understand that some renters may want to jazz up their rental. While we can’t allow you to make any permanent adjustments like paint, there are several ways you can make your porta potty an elegant experience for your event! The next time you want your guests to get excited about using the facilities, try out these five tips to give your porta potty a physical refresher. Create A Purse Hanger in Your Porta Potty Yes, it’s possible to hang things up in one of our units without creating…


11.18.19 •  5 Tips for Keeping Your Septic Tank Functioning This Thanksgiving

The holidays are here, and your septic tank could use a little extra TLC. Don’t waste your family time worried about a septic system that’s backed up and created a nasty problem. Try out these holiday tips that will keep your packed house focused on the good times and not a busted septic tank. Save Room in Your Septic Tank Don’t Shower All At Once If you have a big family and your home is the hub for Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations, your septic system can easily become overloaded. What most people don’t know is that your tank collects water…


10.31.19 •  4 Ways Luxury Restroom Trailers Keep Fall Wedding Guests Happy

Fall is here and the cooler weather is one of the reasons that many Texans host weddings during this time of the year. Your wedding is most likely going to be the event of the year, so you’ll want to be sure your guests have a nice place “to go” if there isn’t a restroom on site.  Find out four reasons why so many couples turn to Texas Johns for our comfort suite restroom trailers for their event. Clean Portable Options Weddings by nature, are upscale events that guests expect to have an air of all-around class; even down to…


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