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07.19.19 •  What Does Septic System Gurgling Mean?

No homeowner wants to hear strange noises emitting from their septic pipes. Unusual sounds are most likely the result of malfunctioning within the home’s septic system. If you flush your toilet and hear gurgling sounds, you could have a serious septic system problem on your hands. Here is some basic information about red flag sounds in your septic system and what you can do to keep a developing problem from raging out of control. What Do Septic System Gurgling Noises Mean When gurgling noises begin to emit from your pipes, toilets and drains, this is the start of a problematic…


06.28.19 •  How to Keep Your Porta Potties Comfortable in the Heat

Summer is officially in full swing and that means that the Dallas area is ready for some serious heat. With the weather comes the desire to host outdoor events; some that may require the use of portable restrooms.  Excessive heat and portable restrooms can lead to some uncomfortable and unsanitary experiences if the right measures aren’t taken. Find out how to help your porta potty beat the heat wave this season! Placement Matters Improper placement is the main reason why porta potties can get so uncomfortable in the summer. Where you place your portable restroom can help you use airflow…


06.15.19 •  7 Fun Facts About Portable Toilets You Probably Didn’t Know

Porta potties usually have the reputation of being a simple place to use facilities on the go. While our industry does pride itself on availability for the public, there are several interesting facts that most don’t know about portable toilets! Portable Restrooms Have Been Saving Companies Money Since WWII The history of the traditional portable restroom stems from World War II. During the war, time was of the essence and shipyards were losing productivity due to employee restroom breaks. Therefore, instead of having to make the lengthy trip from the ship to the docks to use the restroom, shipyards began…


05.25.19 •  Busting Open 3 Common Portable Restroom Myths

Sometimes people know that more restrooms for their event are a necessity, but fail to rent a portable restroom because they’ve either had bad experiences in the past or have fallen prey to the social stigma that surrounds them. At Texas Johns, our business is portable restrooms, and we couldn’t confidently operate our business if the rumors surrounding porta potty rentals were true. Here are three of the biggest myths that hold renters back from creating a comfortable environment for their guests. Portable Restrooms Are Always Cramped One of the biggest misconceptions about portable bathrooms is that they are known to…


05.14.19 •  Home Remedies for Between Septic System Maintenance

Most homeowners keep up a healthy septic tank maintenance routine every four years. However, we don’t usually keep in mind how hard our septic system actually works for the home. Experts even say that our home septic systems require attention at least once a month. Sometimes your tank may need some TLC and calling a pumping company isn’t a financially friendly option. If you find your tank looking a little dirty between pumps, try out some of these home remedies that will keep your system running well until your next maintenance service. Clear Out Your Septic System Mainline with Vinegar…


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