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04.28.20 •  How Portable Restrooms Are Essential During A Pandemic

Currently, the world is facing the challenge of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Many businesses have locked up for the time being and most citizens have been warned to shelter in place to avoid catching the virus. However, some employees and industries have been deemed essential and are doing their best to help the United States get through a crisis that has affected us financially, socially, and medically. One service that most people wouldn’t think of as essential is portable restroom rentals. Businesses like ours have been called upon to help create order in cities that have been severely impacted by the…


03.16.20 •  Keeping Your Portable Restrooms Safe Amidst Coronavirus

With the current surge of coronavirus carriers in the United States, there’s never been a more important time to ensure that your porta potty rental is consistently sanitized for your guests. While many people may be avoiding events and crowds, here are some extra steps you can take as a host that rewards those who attend your public event. Provide Hand Washing Stations at Your Event Although sometimes poor maintenance is the result of a foul stench coming from the portable restroom, the actual bacteria found in the porta-potty is less than what you come in contact daily with your…


02.21.20 •  5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Portable Restroom Rental Fresh at Large Events

Renting a portable restroom and keeping it clean during a single day event like a wedding isn’t a difficult task. However, once rentals move into large event territory like multi-day music festivals, street fairs, or marathons, keeping your porta potty rentals feeling fresh can seem like an insurmountable task. The team at Texas Johns is here to say, “don’t sweat it!” We’ve got your next big event covered with these five easy tips that can help you keep your restrooms clean for your guests. Make Sure You Have Enough Units Planning out enough restroom rentals for a large event is…


02.12.20 •  Why Protection for Your Porta Potty Rental Matters

As with every rental, your porta potty unit comes with the option of rental insurance that keeps you off of the hook if your event goes sour. Also, unfortunately, similar to many rentals, a lot of customers try to save money in the short-term and assume their unit is safe at their event. While we put our faith in every client who rents with us, there are legitimate concerns that should be considered before turning down a damage waiver. Here’s why some of our best customers have taken the right steps towards keeping their units safe and functional. Replacement Units…


01.31.20 •  Different Ways Restroom Trailers Keep Your Construction Site Comfortable

Larger construction sites often need more restroom availability than a standard porta-potty on site. We’ve found that renting restroom trailers can help solve any efficiency and safety problems that could surface during a large scale construction project. Here are some of the reasons why we think your site could benefit from restroom trailers over the standard portable restroom unit. Portable Restroom Trailers Solve the Waiting Problem When there is a limited number of portable restrooms at a construction site and a sizable amount of workers, safety and efficiency become an issue. Having large amounts of workers waiting for the restroom…


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