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01.29.21 •  What Are the Benefits of a Holding Tank Rental?

Porta potties are a safe and clean portable restroom option for outdoor events and use at construction sites. However, even a smaller sized event can fill up a standard porta potty rather quickly. Therefore, we always recommend that our clients rent one or more of our holding tanks in order to push the mileage of their rental a bit further. These large containers made from polyethylene plastic are meant to hold large amounts of waste in a setting like a portable restroom or RV, that is considered to be “on the go.” Find out some of the biggest reasons why…


01.16.21 •  What is That Blue Chemical in Your Porta Potty Rental?

Let’s be honest, everyone who has ever used a porta potty at a public event has wondered what exactly that blue stuff is at the bottom of the tank. Is it toxic? Does it stain as bad as it looks like it does? Wonder no more, since the team at Texas Johns is ready to unveil industry secrets to put your mind at ease! Here is everything you need to know about the blue chemical we use in our portable restroom rentals and why you should be happy we use it! How Does the Blue Chemical Improve the Porta Potty…


12.30.20 •  Winter Tips for Your Porta Potty Rentals

Winter events may be socially distant this year. But even if the crowds are smaller, people will still need to use the restroom on your premises. Dallas winters can be cold, and if your event doesn’t have restroom availability, you’ll need to rent portable restrooms and ensure they remain comfortable for your guests. If you plan on renting some porta potty units this winter, follow our go-to tips for keeping your portable restrooms warm during the cooler Dallas weather. Include a Portable Heater in Your Portable Restroom Sometimes the cold may just be a little too much to avoid and…


12.26.20 •  Top Questions Answered About Portable Restrooms for 2021 Rentals

Portable restrooms rentals offer the convenience of toilets where there may be no accessible facilities. They're a common feature of construction sites, as well as at events like organized races, music concerts, and festivals. If you've never rented a porta-potty before, you might have questions about renting one this year. Here are some common questions and answers we get about our portable restroom rentals. Will a porta-potty freeze over the winter? Liquid has the potential to freeze when conditions are cold enough, but porta potty rental services usually avoid freezing problems by winterizing toilets or replacing them at an increased…


04.28.20 •  How Portable Restrooms Are Essential During A Pandemic

Currently, the world is facing the challenge of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Many businesses have locked up for the time being and most citizens have been warned to shelter in place to avoid catching the virus. However, some employees and industries have been deemed essential and are doing their best to help the United States get through a crisis that has affected us financially, socially, and medically. One service that most people wouldn’t think of as essential is portable restroom rentals. Businesses like ours have been called upon to help create order in cities that have been severely impacted by the…


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