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10.29.18 •  Fall Opportunities for Porta Potty Rentals

Porta potty rentals are opportunities that are available year-round in the city of Dallas. With the fall season now in full swing and the weather beginning to cool down, it is the perfect time to host outdoor events that require the need for porta potties. Planning ahead for your next outdoor event is important, so knowing if you will need a porta potty should be on your event checklist. Here are some popular fall events that could benefit tremendously from a porta potty or trailer restroom rental. School Halloween Carnivals/Homecomings Halloween carnivals and homecoming festivities are abound this time of…


10.15.18 •  5 Benefits of Frequent Septic Maintenance

Septic maintenance is a household necessity for any homeowner. As septic professionals, we recommend getting your septic system pumped every few years. Not only does this preserve your septic tank and increase its longevity, but this service also has some benefits that directly impact you as a customer. Here are five ways that septic maintenance can have a direct, positive impact on your life. 1.   Start Changing Habits Before They Become Problems We’ve all flushed the wrong product down the toilet and not thought twice about the consequences. Sure, it may take some time for damage to show, but even…


09.28.18 •  4 Common Septic Pumping Mistakes to Avoid

If you live in a home that has a septic system keeping the home moving, you already know that getting your tank pumped is a fact of good homeownership. While most people call upon a local septic tank professional to get the job done. However, proper septic tank pumping is something that many homeowners have several misconceptions about. Here are the top four septic pumping mistakes that are harming the future of your system. 1.  Not Pumping Your Septic Tank Enough It is common knowledge that when a septic system is well-cared for that it will be able to have…


08.30.18 •  Different Ways That Epsom Salt Affects Septic Tanks

Many homeowners dread having to make an appointment to have a septic tank repair done on their property. Usually, septic system and tank damage is the result of not having the tank pumped on a regular schedule. One of the mistakes that many Dallas homeowners make is to try to clean out and improve the bacterias in septic tanks themselves. One popular method for preventing and breaking up clogs is pouring epsom salt down the home toilet. Knowing how this practice impacts septic tanks is important before scheduling your next septic tank pumping. What is Epsom Salt? Epsom salt is the…


08.15.18 •  The History of Septic Systems

So many Dallas homeowners rely on their modern septic systems on a daily basis. This reliance leads to systems being taken for granted and we sometimes forget that having a septic system wasn't always a way of life. At Texas Johns, we like to take time and reflect on where our success has come from. Here are some interesting facts about sewage treatments and how simple methods of the past have evolved into the present that we know today. Sewage Treatments Throughout Time Even though septic systems are fairly new in the long-term timeline, people have been having to get rid…


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